Posted by adminNY on February 13, 2019

The education according to Callai: ' ' an education that develops the logical reasoning, the criticidade, the instrumentalizao to use the knowledge coherently, the capacity to think and especially of being able to construct to the thought with authorship prpria' ' (p.135). The education, being understood as awareness process only is that it really translates the nature human being. That is, it can unmask the social masks, politics, economic and cultural making possible to the pupils acquisition of knowing to think the space where they live. Necessary also to act in the reaffirmation of the power of Geography in the interpretation of the questions that refer to world-wide problems and modifications inside the current reality of Brazil of a historical context. The magnifying of geographic knowing in the schools has the power of contribution with the education of Geography Criticizes that it is not based only on theoretical concepts more in the experience of practises daily According to ICCP (1988) if understands for education the set of influences that the society exerts on the individual. This implies that the human being if educates during all the life. ' ' The education consists, before all, in conditional a social phenomenon historically and with one marked class representative character.

Through the education the transmission of experiences of a generation to outra.&#039 will be guaranteed; ' (ICCP, 1988, p.31) According to Lnin, V (apud. ICCP, 1988), the education is a general and perpetual category, therefore it is inherent part of the society since its sprouting. Also, the education constitutes an essential link in the successive development of this society, the point not to conceive description-social progress without its presence. For Martins, J (1990) the education is a process of action of the society on educating, aiming at to deliver it according to its social, economic standards, politicians, and its interests. The necessary preparation for the life is recognized here, already related in other definitions and that it is only cheated through strong certainties and defined in accordance with these standards well.


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