Mexico City

Posted by adminNY on June 14, 2016

They miss Mexico, there are all relatives. They have no family or friends in the United States, but even so, they decided to take that decision, because as I said Ramiro: Here you can quickly get a good House, a good car and a good life in Mexico, it is very difficult. In the cafeteria where ate, serving various dishes. Generally were four different dishes each meal, accompanied by different vegetables or bread. Separately, there were pizzas of different ingredients, soups, salads, drinks and desserts. How already it was mentioned above, all the chefs were black or Latino race. Then, you were usually dishes Mexicans.

Poblano Chicken Enchiladas with Cheese and other Mexican dishes with an American touch which ruined the taste of the dishes. All of these dishes were enchilosos, well, Americans and Europeans could simply not eating them because they considered them to be too enchilosos. Latinos and Asians had no problem to eat them. Lorena and John were responsible for cooking several dishes like these a day. I asked them why you gave them that American touch, that does not do so, but they said that it was very difficult to find the original ingredients and therefore was impossible. They cooked with ingredients that those responsible for the cafeteria bought. They had come to the United States three years ago, and came from chefs because it is one of the jobs where more migrants are employed.

His family were already living in the United States, two of them were the last missing is. Lorraine wanted to finish his studies at University and John had a job of lava cars in Mexico City. They were going to come to the States United when Lorena will finish college, but decided to come earlier, because a very good opportunity to cross appeared to them sooner than expected and decided to drop everything and come. All the migrants to be United States left too many things back to search for an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the quality of your life and others. Everyone remembers their country of origin, to the point that carried all the Mexican traidiciones United States. I went to a supermarket in that city, which was called Fiesta. As particularity, sold all the Mexican products that you can imagine, from soft drinks, beers, sauces and out of the supermarket, masks of fighters, hats, spins, bearings, soccer balls with a coat of a Mexican team. The majority of migrants embark on a journey without return. The rest of their lives will live in a foreign country and their children will live a new life in a country other than that of their parents. Every minute, a Mexican is going to the other side in search of employment. While Mexico does not improve as a country, United States It will become the new home of many Mexicans.

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