Militant Germany

Posted by adminNY on November 30, 2018

Adolf Hitler was born in the Austrian town of Braunau in 1889 and remained until 1932 Austrian citizenship. His father was a clerk in the customs and the family has provided relative prosperity. But he died when Hitler was 14 years old. Adolf Roth wayward little prone to regular practice. He never managed to finish high school in Linz, where his family moved. After his father Adolf decided to enter the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, finding themselves in uncommon talent on the part of art and architecture, but twice sank in the entrance exams. After some time, died and his mother, and he found himself without a livelihood. Hitler lived in Vienna, surviving on occasional jobs.

There, in Vienna, the capital of the multinational Austro-Hungarian Empire, with its sharpened ethnic relations, he became an ardent advocate of the ideas of German nationalism and antisemitism, drawing on information about any of tabloid edition. In 1913 Hitler moved to neighboring Germany, in Munich, where he found his First World War. He met her with enthusiasm, volunteered in the German army, and stayed on the western front all four years of war. He was wounded twice and received efreytorskie stripes. The defeat of Germany, Hitler, like many Germans then, to explain the machinations of internal enemies, Germany – Marxists and Jews. Immediately after demobilization, he joined a small Militant nationalist party, which due to its 'extensive reading', and most importantly – outstanding oratorical abilities, quickly became its leader. Then Hitler reorganized the Nazi Party in her.

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