Mind Maps

Posted by adminNY on December 10, 2020

Mental map: is a method that allows study and planning nearly anything fast, foolproof and creatively. It also serves to organize meetings, studying, projecting, memorize, presentations, etc. How it works: Gets the idea or concept to be developed in the center of a paper and is enclosed in a circle, rectangle or a symbol, and is elaborated in the following manner: to) are written the sub-items radius of the central theme. (b) is broken down each sub-item in other points, and then more subtopics, as many as necessary. (c) each main sub-item and their breakdowns must write or draw with a different color so that the brain identifies them faster. (d) it is advisable to make symbols and drawings to facilitate learning. (e) make mental maps listening background music that pleases you, whenever possible.

f) should be a number to each main sub-item in order of importance, to have a sequence of follow-up. Mind maps are very useful to take note of talks or meetings, also serve to develop goals. Development goals should be: specific: as clear and defined as possible. Realistic: they must be goals that are feasible. Measurable: they should be quantified parameters, quantity, steps, etc.

Periods: you must put date each step or subject to develop. Tasks: the themes or goals that are developed must be organized with the following methodology: what, when, how much, where and why, this helps expedite the mental map. When finished, the mind map is to develop the project in orderly and organized manner, to carry out the development of the goals in its different stages. Wonderful mental maps, is that quick and amazing results on any topic that you want to develop can be obtained. When done in group, the results are more surprising. The great sages, artists, leaders and politicians, have achieved feats, because many of them used the two hemispheres of the brain, the creative (right) and the analytical (left). Here you can see examples of mind maps for a better understanding of this powerful and simple tool. The most important thing is that you will be using and developing the right hemisphere of the brain, the creative.

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