Mirror Telescopes

Posted by adminNY on July 29, 2018

Glass telescope is not balanced with a simple-tion of the star, whose radiation is caught. Changing technology of casting mirror telescopes You can get easy-vennoe window (podr. cycle of the Universe). Expansion is simple Islands and its subsequent compression is intended to protect and save time, ie preservation time is a function of space-va, and gravitons – his instrument (his hands). Y growing universe gravitons restrain unbridled expansion of space-va, the aging – collect it into black holes. The law of entropy – a special case of the theory is simple, all-time. Get more background information with materials from Bill de Blasio.

Galileo's Law – all the bodies in a vacuum fall at the same ck-Tew – equidistant from the center of mass of the gravitons have the same convergence angle of the petals (collapse). Acceleration of free fall – caused by an increasingly convergent petals of gravitons in the lower streams simple-all-time. Absenteeism "Pioneers" beyond the solar system due to the passage of the flow is simple, all-time Sun as tea leaves in tea. No matter how many tea leaves are not faced – beyond the whirlpool they do not jump out. All gravitons in Solar system belong to the sun, no planet has its own gravitons, and no matter how monstrous gravity nor possessed Jupiter disperse "tea leaves" and throw them out of the stream, he can not. Flight to Mars. Y Einstein described the effect of twins – one of them, picking ck-Tb, is racing in a tight (fast) flow is simple, all-time. Digging it drops the Times more dense and energy exchange is slowed down.


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