New York Parking

Posted by adminNY on July 16, 2016

Demonstrated in Paris vw Touran impressed us the fact that the minivan is equipped with gearbox dsg. Convenient transmission became standard equipment in vans with established 1,4 tsi, and optionally can be installed on models with other tsi and tdi engines. Devotees clean exhaust can choose for themselves Touran EcoFuel, which moves on compressed natural gas. A month ago it was known that the car's interior updated with high quality materials and some nice little things, like – two-toned leather performance seats. Finally, the fanatics of various kinds of innovative devices will be honored by the new system, Park Assist, which allows semi-automatic Parking for 15 seconds. In the States they say, and willing to repeat it again and again that they want more sport vans. On the seventh seat, which is optional, gearbox dsg, magical assistant in a parking lot, and size, which almost justifies the prefix "mini" in the word minivan, Touran would have quickly found a fan.

People for whom ordinary van – small, and the size of the maxi-micro-bus for them – a lot. Original Chrysler minivans have been smaller and more mashinopodobnymi. Those days, unfortunately for the American left. We are confident that the vw attack on America with its new minivans will inevitably, and we are confident that this will make many Americans happy.


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