Nobel Of Le Paz

Posted by adminNY on June 18, 2018

Some sandstone or announces that Julian Assange much more deserves Nobel of La Paz that its mediatic icon Barak Obama, which or that is to say. The United States in adding itself to this attitude would do well, since the develacin of the secret papers of its diplomacy leaves better that country than to those others on which their ambassadors chismorrean. A thing is to stop soldier Bradley Manning, who filtered the documents that had to protect, and very different other to want to kill to the messenger, that is to say, the creator of Wikileaks. Credit: Danny Meyer-2011. Who before the filtrations believed in a maniqueo world, in which the poor countries were subjugated by Yankee imperialism, there are shortage now the doblez of regimes like the paquistan, that plays indifferently in favor of the North Americans and of talibanes, or of those Arab leaders, like the Saudi king, Abdal, those in favor privily of which it is attacked Iran instead of a Israel. In not few occasions, they are the own American diplomats who are scandalized, for example, of which strapa of Sudan, Omar To Bashir, hoards in British banks 6,800 million Euros whereas their subjects die of hunger, or hundreds of violations perpetrated by the blue helmets of the UN in Africa. And he is that, like a gigantic patio of Monipodio on global scale, the world that to us the papers of Wikileaks keep awake is full of truhanes and gangsters, cynical and corrupt, sinvergenzas and thieves who, lamentably, are the one who are governing to million citizens. (This article has been published by its author, ENRIQUE ARYAN FERTILE VALLEY, in a dozen of Spanish newspapers) original Author and source of the article.


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