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Posted by adminNY on June 02, 2018

Built in record time and yet cost-effective – makes the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin it speaks before the capital city over the Berlin City Palace, we just build it! In the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Potsdamer Platz Berlin only LEGO model farmer Pascal Lenhard so far 250,000 LEGO bricks, 250 varieties and four different colours reconstructed the scale model 1:60. While until 2013 will probably be laying the foundation stone for the original at the Humboldt Forum, there are already in November 2011 in the children’s attraction in Berlin MINILAND to admire the two by three-metre “miniature”. Great topping-out ceremony was celebrated on Saturday, June 11. Lenhard built the Richtbaum by the way, along with the BEST – the construction-es-smart team of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. From many small, green and Brown stones small architects built a scale 30 cm-high tree style, including colorful Richtkranz for the Crown. Dr. Frank Nagele, commercial Board of the Stiftung Berlin Palace – Humboldt Forum, convinced on Saturday even by the construction progress of the LEGO Castle project and was thrilled.

“It is great how quickly and accurately Pascal Lenhard from the original plans the small ‘ Berliner Schloss has built!”, so Dr. Frank Nagele. “We delighted the nearly finished model, while the original still in planning. Our Humboldt Forum will ‘ look later. The LEGO City Castle project is for us in the time and budget to build the Castle. additional incentive” The nearly finished LEGO City Castle is now awaiting in MINILAND large and small visitors. The progress of the construction can be observed up to the completion of daily in the 3,500-square-foot indoor amusement park in Berlin and from home on an Internet blog. Pascal Lenhard will soon complete his masterpiece – in record time: after only five months prep time – including Exchange with York Santos, commissioned by the Forderverein Berliner Stadtschloss which with the facade plans architect, building of prototypes and designing the scale plans – the 39 years old started in August 2010 the LEGO City Castle construction.

400,000 bricks were ordered, now 250,000 of them have been installed, 1,500 were errors building to the victims and the rest still waiting for its use in the completion of the masterpiece. It only standard LEGO were used green, white, beige and yellow tiles in the colors. “I’ve already made the hardest part,” delighted the Pascal Lenhard. “1,000 hours of work so far put city Palace in LEGO. The Schluter courtyard has only 200 of them cost me and brought me my first grey hair. “But the result is perfect and I can say with pride: A Schwabe has built the Berlin City Palace first.” Through the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin Berlin excursion destinations: the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is not only a great place for, where families with children experience Berlin, also Berlin’s kindergartens and schools expect again fun and excitement at the special workshop offers. “Play smart” which is Foreign Exchange building and exploring. Model construction workshops offer the kids casually fascinating insights into math, physics and social studies on topics such as robots, animals, and Zahnader. A useful addition to the classroom and perfect for an excursion or a class trip!


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