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Posted by adminNY on October 10, 2019

Can a person be really happy with another one?. Read additional details here: Rudy Giuliani. I become I myself this question when I listen to the problems of my brother with its pair, as watches over it and she invents fictitious pairs to him, and the crushed thing that feels he, before this type of pressure, or she will be, the one that this so stunned with its insecurities that hauls brother towards its own soap opera I am parcializada clear I I create to him is brother, that she has qualities and defects like all, are certain that sometimes it seems a ventilator, when goes by the street but it is of the people whom the roll of a single pair prefers, that to have several simultaneously my breast told the shortages him that this passing my brother to another one of my brothers, and she said with weighing: my son is not happy of my question can there be happy with another person? , once I read article of a magazine, and said that the dreamed blue prince did not exist and who all we have an emptiness, as well as insecurities, as much men as women, and when we were united to another person, hoping that person fills that emptiness, and him tenth something like: hazme happy with best of our smiles and open arms but that person it has deficiencies and insecurities as well, and this also saying to us: hazme happy! With a smile and the open arms also and possibly discover that they do not become happy if nonunfortunate, since both get tired to hope that one fills to the emptiness of the other That sound complicated but has perfect sense for my, one cannot wait for person on the other, that it comes and us makes happy, we we must fill to that emptiness we or at least to realize that exists and is much responsibility to request to him which it makes, that it fills that emptiness that we have within us, who are interpersonal, and we happy we only can solve; and the best thing than we can do it is to accompany to us mutually to bear the emptiness, that deficiency of which something that we need, and to enjoy those rare and small moments, that we are with our family, with that we want, sharing with friendly or strangers, moments that no they will return, if they think a little to it is frightful, but aid to the advantage of those lightning of time, because you will not return to be fifteen years old but never, or one graduation of grammar school will be moments that you wanted that they passed super expresses and other that never finished but all good ones finished as much as bad and that is the reality. .


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