Protestant Reformation

Posted by adminNY on February 23, 2019

All this is because the calvinismo that is born like theological thought of the Protestant Reformation of Century XXVI, with strong humanistic influences contributed by Juan Calvin and many other reformers and reformadoras. Also it has known to construct beyond any other religious movement, paralelamente a social and political, adaptable system to the political, social, economic conditions and cultural individuals of any society around the world in which it has been called on to him to incarnate itself. Other protestant religious systems, have coexisted with their religious, cultural, political surroundings with little capacity of adaptation or commitment with the society that surrounds to them. Some of these evangelical movements have managed to survive and to prevail, merging and adapting of nonperfect way with the society to which it only conceives as Destiny of Mission, demonstrating political of intolerance and exclusion towards the catholicism and other religious or political beliefs. All this based on radical fanaticisms of exogenous national origins.

Their greater emphasis puts religious it in the magical conversion of the Soul of the people, with deeply proselitistas, aggressive emphases and intimist, leaving a side it preaches of a salvation integral and liberating liberation. Juan Calvin, was a reformer with an ample intellectual base and humanistic, he knew to express in his ample religious theory the political fact of skillful way. Calvin to govern well is also to fulfill the will of God of visible and effective way. He spoke about the correspondence between the state and the Church, from clear a good vision of the separation of the monk of the politician. According to Calvin, the Church and the state must live peacefully and must cooperate together in subjection to the Word of God. Each has to have its own jurisdiction. The state has authority in the purely civil and temporary subjects, the church, in the spiritual subjects and transcendental.


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