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Posted by adminNY on December 04, 2014

Especially it is designed for his use by sanitary personnel at home companies of tele-help – or in clinics, hospitals and residences of majors. The device of TeleMedCare emphasizes by its ease of use, its compact and ergonomic design. It owns a touch screen of great size that orients to the person in its handling. He is multiuser and it includes the biometric recognition through the fingerprint of the user. In addition it has mechanisms of measurement of integrated vital constants like: tensimetro, thermometer, electrocardiograph, espirmetro, pulsioxmetro, scale and sugar tester, besides which they are possible to be added. The TeleMedCare system counts on a customized agenda for each one of the users where its medication remembers, the visits to the health centers and/or specialists and even a health test that can be filled up by the patient. The information of the patient is available of remote form through the platform of management of the service of Group NEAT, from which as much the sanitary personnel, as the patient can accede to data from any location and of safe form. TeleMedCare has all the certificates and required homologations to the commercialization of medical systems and telemonitorizacin of patients.

Between that they emphasize the noticeable EC for Europe, the FDA for the United States and Canada and the fulfillment with IN ISO the 14971:2007, Medical Devices Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices. So far, Group NEAT has presented/displayed the system to different lenders from services in Spain, including public administration with an important welcome. The company shortly hopes to initiate some projects already. Group NEAT is a technological company that offers complete solutions for the public health sectors and of security. Founded in 1988 its social object to offer professional products and services of high quality in the technological area. The NEAT products are characterized to offer discharge quality, innovation, technological high level, security and easy handling to fulfill with the high technical expectations and of knowledge demanded by his clients. Within the line of business of the Public health Sector, they develop to systems of tele-help and moving body, residences and aid at home. Within this sector he is leader in Spain.

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