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Posted by adminNY on March 28, 2019

Basically the outdoor installation offers a number of benefits (think but also to a possible danger of frost): users of the building will have more space. There is no disturbing noise in the building. Maintenance eliminates unwanted odors. Pump shafts are to be interpreted carefully. This is true not only with regard to supply depth, volume, traffic load class or basic water requirements. Special attention should be paid on a permanently tight construction to avoid in – and ex filtration. Pressure equalization by lazy processes ensure ventilation gases in the tanks of the lifting system.

Every unit uses a sufficient ventilation to dissipate these sure. Conversely, the vacuum inside the tank, which may occur during the emptying process must be balanced. The duct runs as follows: as a separate line above the roof, as incidental or secondary ventilation through roof, parallel to an outer rainfall line via the roof, with a ventilation cover on the land. Without rear stowage loop no rear storage protection wastewater lifting plants only then effectively protect against back pressure, if there is a sufficiently trained rear stowage loop. But just here compromises be made partly for reasons of cost, partly due to lacking coordination between the concerned trades or from ignorance.

The non-return valve alone is not sufficient protection. It prevents only the flowing back of already funded wastewater – it is not designed for water from the sewage system. If the CAP is leaking, the pump should run continuously, so that flooding is possible in the worst case. Rear storage loops within risk, they be installed too low because the underside of the ceiling in the backwash of buildings. For the consideration of a proper rear stowage loop the following possibilities in outdoor areas: in the Building return (pay attention to opening and straight course, avoid use of arches); in an outbuilding (garage, tool shed, trash House, etc.) set up; form a mound (avoid soil coverage according to the climatic conditions, flooding by surface water). Are pipes in frost areas be installed, as in garages, so must the pressure line heated and insulated. Conclusion: The derivation of dirt and rain water by means of wastewater lifting plants must follow the recognised rules of technology. This requires the early creation of a holistic concept of the drainage. In the selection of load-lifting plants those responsible should revert to companies, which offer a competent project support as well as permanent service. Drain AS Alliance is the pioneer in the field of work on drainage and since 1969 continuous improvement, specialization of their work and satisfaction of customer needs have the Drain-AS Alliance priority. The services offered include Eatment.

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