Silicon Valley Sun Microsistems Inc Bill Joy

Posted by adminNY on July 17, 2018

Homo Faber – a useful component of a person only if and as the person found as Homo Sapiens (Homo sapiens). ” And not only in the development of military equipment – machinery of destruction, which, paradoxically, very often, and became the engine of progress. For example, a rocket ‘East’, in which Yuri Gagarin was the first in the world flew in space – this version of the intercontinental ballistic missile R-7A. NY Museums insists that this is the case. Case and in the other. One of the founders of the largest companies in Silicon Valley Sun Microsistems Inc Bill Joy made a sharp criticism of nonstop development technologies. Joy called on scientists to ethics, which would limit the ‘thirst for knowledge’ in some high-risk areas. For the first time talked about curbing the progress is not representative of the ‘green’, and a leading expert on high Technologies, “We fly in the new century with no plan, no control, no brakes – writes Joy. – The moment when we are unable to control the situation is fast approaching ‘According to the scientist, described in the article’ Why we do not need future ‘, there are three ways in which humanity expect the most dangerous disasters.

This intelligent robots, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Joy predicts the emergence of entirely new class of problems that will be associated with the ability to proliferate errors in these three areas. It can be rapidly evolving robots that over the next thirty years has been almost human intelligence and will fight with a man for resources, or new diseases by genetically engineered to selectively damage certain groups of people (eg, ethnicity), or self-replicating nanomehanizmy, could lead to massive destruction. ‘The only solution I see – the restriction of hazardous technologies, limiting the pursuit of knowledge in some areas’ – says Joy. And although the development of software provide benefit to mankind, he can now imagine a day when on moral grounds to halt such work. In his view, an example of control over nuclear and biological weapons has shown the right way survival of mankind, and now it’s time to think again, what threatens people by modern science. Let us hope that reason will triumph!


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