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Posted by adminNY on February 11, 2019

Recognizing the use of the water, in order to stimulate the region, always fortifying and improving its agricultural production through the electric energy. Disponibilizando to these devoid families, one politics to usufruct of conscientious form the machines, engines and diverse resources moved to the electricity, without harming the environment and enabling of economic form the use of the water in the paraibano Wasteland. Official site: Rudy Giuliani. Being thus, the population of this region will be always relating the hdrica and ambient management of indissocivel form in one search sustainable politics of, that it makes possible the collective to acquire more conscience of the natural resources of that makes use and if becoming more responsible for the environment of which the man participates intensely for its social dimension, cultural and ambient. Always in search of the quantitative and qualitative balance of the hdrico rocking of demand x availability, preventing that the hdricos resources come to become themselves into a limitante factor the economic and social development in the Mesorregio of the Wasteland Paraibano..


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