How To Confront And Overcome The Loss Of A Loved ?

Posted by adminNY on February 09, 2017
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Alexis Fernando Jimenez was just coming from work, when I phoned. Never expected. A hard blow. While nodded, indicating he understood the message, tears furrowed his face. The pain held him. He left the handset on the table, then looked at his wife and dared to whisper: – my mother died …

just a few minutes ago, I just confirmed what Raul. I think you better fix it. We are going there. – Rebecca hugged him. That was all he managed to do. She was appalled. The scene was unthinkable for a couple who had always enjoyed the tranquility.

– Do not worry. Calm down. Everything will be fine – tried to reassure him. – What to take things easy? By God, Rebecca! It’s my mother who just died. Sure, it shall not affect you like me! .– The woman stared at him in terror. Do not get over his astonishment. Never had been. In the depths of his being was hurt. That was more than I could wait. She also began to mourn, in that strange mixture of sadness at the loss of his mother and grief at what had happened to her husband. He in turn, would combine two dramatic moments: on one hand the feeling of emptiness that you wake the loss of his mother, and on the other hand, the disappointment after finding he had insulted his wife. I did not know which of the two feelings caused him more distress. On the way to hospital could not concentrate while driving …