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Plastic Bottle

Posted by adminNY on April 21, 2020
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Plastic bottles are a disaster, 2.4 million tons of plastic PET discarded every year – how can we prevent this outrage on Earth? Perhaps many of us should build houses out of plastic bottles, which will be much cheaper to build and surprisingly, they will be strong enough. Now we consider the 14 construction projects from plastic bottles, which set themselves goals such as constructing houses, schools, greenhouses, houses and walls. 1. EcoARK Exhibition Hall, Taiwan is very easy to prove that there are many ways for recycling plastic waste, an example can serve as a project engineer Arthur Huang of Taiwan, which obrabotal1800 thousands of used plastic bottles in the form of honeycomb ‘bricks’ for navicular showroom called EcoARK. EcoARK exhibition hall was built in just a third of the total costs of conventional structure. Additional information at Danny Meyer supports this article.

Huang also plans to use this concept to build warehouses and military barracks. 2. La Casa de Botellas (House of the bottles), Argentina Family Alfredo Santa Cruz from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, created their home almost entirely of thousands of plastic bottles. Walls, tables, platform beds – even the staircase that leads to the front door, made of plastic bottles. The structure features of Tetra-pack roof and windows are made from the skins of the CD-ROM drive. In addition to the main house, a family even built a small playhouse for their daughter. 3.

Echo Park, El Zamorano, Honduras, Echo Park, El Zamorano in Honduras, not only offers fun horseback riding, but also a number of structures, built from plastic bottles. Company Eco-Tec, has built many houses out of plastic bottles is practically across the United States, 8.000 bottles used to complete construction of the park ‘Eco House’; other structures out of plastic bottles made to order same criteria include the construction of greenhouses and a copy of a Roman aqueduct. 4. School from plastic bottles, the Philippines you can imagine such a structure, built from plastic bottles, and which can not be very strong, sometimes it can really be true, but not this school is located in San Pablo, Philippines. Illac Diaz Foundation and MyShelter filled 1.5-2-liter bottles of water and soda water with bricks, and the result is that such construction is 3 times stronger than concrete. 5. Bottle wall restaurant Morimoto, New York In this case, the use of plastic bottles were more designer setting, rather than attempt to be ‘green’ – and the beauty of this Design once again proves that one man trash is someone else’s fashionable to focus at an expensive restaurant. ‘Bottle wall’ restaurant Morimoto in New York, was designed by architect Tadao Ando, who used a 17.

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Advice On Using A Steel Door

Posted by adminNY on December 11, 2018
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In the operation of steel doors, one way or another, the user may experience some problems and malfunctions. This does not mean that they had purchased the door was not made qualitatively, but only confirms that Each product has its own expiration date. Naturally, in the course of prolonged use of steel doors and fittings poiznositsya, and hinges creak, and happen to other problems, but against these small faults are always You can use "folk remedies". Creaking of a door if it so happened that one fine day / evening you hear a nasty creaking sound which began to publish your front door, you should not worry about that now you and your neighbors will not be able to live peacefully. With the solution of this problem can cope and housewife, even without the involvement of artists, for the challenge which will have to pay money.

To do this, primarily under the door enclose any wedge, for example, as a wedge, you can use an ax, a hammer or crowbar. Because of these manipulations steel door slightly raise itself on its hinges. You then need to "arm" machine oil and pour it into the gap formed by lifting a steel door. But look do not overdo it in their desire to solve the problem: do not pour back all that is contained in the nipple, because very often oil simply spreads over the surface of the loop and not fall into the gaps. An alternative engine oil can serve as a graphite powder (dust).

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The next stage – working draft. It represents a detailed study you approved conceptual design of interior design. In order to satiate its content, you must make the selection of all the necessary finishing materials, select windows, doors, furniture, sanitary equipment, home appliances and etc. To do this while working on a design project provides a number of trips to designer salons. All agreed with you from the list above will be reflected in the drawings of the working draft. Preparation of the working draft of interior design – it’s pretty tedious work, based on compilation of the calculations and the development of structural elements.

The result looks like a pack of more than two dozen plans and statements from the plan of dismantling barriers to sweep the walls with the layout tile, ceiling plans, lighting placement, the explication of flooring, the plan of arrangement of furniture and others. Drawings and statements designed for professionals who will translate your ideas into reality. A detailed list of the working draft plans can be explored on the page design project. More prosaic, but they are not less important work in the creation the new interior of the house or apartment is to create a project engineering services. We are talking about the numerous calculations, diagrams, drawings and plans for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitation, electrical equipment, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm systems, cable lines (TV, telephony, Internet, home theater, home automation system, etc.) To ensure that all work is performed well by the designers, is carried out supervision. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Danny Meyer. At the time of construction it is often necessary to make certain changes in the job.

Furthermore, variants are possible when there is a need to replace one type of decorative or construction materials on the other. In this case, you need to quickly adjust to the drawings, which will get rid of unpleasant consequences. Great importance when creating a new interior design cottage, house or apartment is decorating. At this stage of work as more important than ever the talent and creativity to a designer. After all, on his shoulders lay down selection and placement of lighting fixtures, textile design (Bed linen, tablecloths, curtains and drapes), selection of paintings, sculptures and accessories.

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Kitchen Sinks Comfort

Posted by adminNY on November 24, 2018
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We are all aware how important home or office decor, each room where we can spend a long time. Decor space determines how we perceive ourselves in a room, to what extent it creates a pleasant atmosphere. Still, if we carry out repairs kitchen area, the design should be given much more attention. First of all, because the kitchen environment determines what we eat then. Quite long established that with a sense of how to cook – so nice and it will be quality. That is, in a situation, if the kitchen area us uncomfortable, we can expect that everything will be burnt and be overdone.

In particular important sinks for the kitchen. Bacteria multiply in a regular arrangement of the particles of food very quickly. That is why so valuable to sink was made of high-tech material, which possible to completely clean, so that the dishes, which later falls into the sink has not been contaminated by the remaining bacteria. Kitchen to be the most balanced place in the apartment. All the elements are capable of be of great value. So choosing the kitchen sink, by the way, from granite, make sure to and cranes were also made of similar material. Similarly, they will not just look decorative, but also communicate more effectively. In this case you will not need to worry about the range of different cleaning compositions sink and faucet.

If they are made from the same material, will fit one and the same way that just might lead to a solid economy. All materials for kitchen sinks provide their own merits. Stainless steel has historically relied attractive and to protect against scratches. Contemporary ceramics will not allow droplets to remain on the surface of the shell. The unique material of the solid particles of natural granite will make your sink a uniquely strong and waterproof. In the mass sink is properly popular models, but the sink Blanco, may be very popular. They failed to show significant quality to advantage themselves to a large number of housewives in the whole world. These sinks are not only owned amazing comfort design, and also equipped with a special seal, not allowing moisture to pass in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. In parallel, they promise a maximum volumetric cup, as in whatever form sink corners are used optimally. A particularly pleasing for the many residents of small domestic kvartirok – is that Blanco kitchen sinks provide an opportunity to save a job in your own kitchen. Various accessories will work on the farm in every kitchen a pleasant and uncomplicated.

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