Costa Ricans

Posted by adminNY on February 22, 2018
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Three years have seen daily citizen and the love for nature that Costa Ricans feel the consciousness. In any country in which my family and I have resided we feel that citizenship in general has so much and developed civic awareness. In Europe the love for nature and its preservation is a bastion of ecologist associations, parties, leftists and little else. Large multinationals, the mega hotel chains, etc are definitely doomed to do big business with goals in most cases merely economic, importing them little ailing nature, wildlife and eco European system. It is enviable to see how Costa Rican children grow and learn in schools and homes to care for, preserve, and loving nature, fauna, flora ultimately love their country.

Costa Rican society is proud of having a country without army, safe and great democratic tradition. Now the current challenge is to maintain that delicate balance between sustainability and urban development that is has been carried out in the last 2 decades, without a formal control by the State authorities which brought negative consequences such as the physical impact on the natural environment. Costa Rica is a small country with a great soul and an invaluable richness that is its people. All foreigners who share their ground, their longings, have the obligation to integrate us and follow their example to make a large and prosperous homeland. We must be critical of everything what they destroy our eco system and not allow that Costa Rica will become a mass destination with unscrupulous developers who chopped down our trees and destroy our mountains, we must treat mother nature with the same love with which she welcomes us, so that we can bequeath you to future generations a better planet.

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