European Central Bank

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Social rents should not exceed, proposed by some 30% of the family income. Banco de Sabadell States having granted social rentals on several occasions. Others propose formulas as the resale or leasing. Lack or Adicae moratorium proposed for families for several years now a period of deficiency of up to two years, with an interest on arrears assessed and not higher than the rate of the European Central Bank; When mora, also the limitation of expenditure or of the interests can be negotiated. This same Monday, Adicae requested a moratorium for all debtors in good faith with problems. Banco Santander announced a moratorium of three years capital for clients in unemployment in 2011 or who had suffered a drop in income of more than 25%.

The Ombudsman, for its part, has asked suppress rates, coasts, moderation of penal clauses, or the cessation of the accrual of interest during the process, they help to overcome difficulties to meet outstanding credit appropriations. nal information. Stoppage, measures interim the State Association of Directors and managers in social services proposes a special for people sobreendeudadas judicial protection procedure, in real bankruptcy and risk of exclusion, which would imply the suspension precautionary embargoes and executions although they had been agreed by other judicial bodies. Points out, especially to affected persons under age or legally disabled persons. The Attorney general of the Court of Justice of the EU said a few days ago, moreover, that in Spain the judge should have the possibility of suspending enforcement of an eviction until he had verified the unfairness of a contractual term of the mortgage contract. He believes that Spanish law allows before the loss of property and eviction that an action for damages for the consumer. The law in other countries in Europe there is a uniform legislation on enforced executions, so they are the Member States which have to legislate in relation to procedural modalities, as reminded the lawyer of the CJEU.

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Federal Government

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How much to the nature, the present study it is characterized for being a research of the applied type, for having as objective to generate knowledge for practical application, directed to the proposal of acquisition of good and common rendering of services, in the scope of the ODS, through the SRP, using itself for such of the inductive method as form to make possible the taking of decisions concerning the reach of the inquiry, the rules of explanation of the facts and the validity of its generalizations. One is about bibliographical and documentary study that, for its achievement, had for method the exploratria and selective reading of the searched material, as well as its integrativa revision, contributing for the process of synthesis and analysis, of form to consubstanciar a brought up to date and understandable body of literature. The delineation of research contemplated the phases of survey and election of the bibliography, collects of data, critical of the data, analytical reading and fichamento of the sources, argument and quarrel of the results. The study it was based on the harvested experiences of the author as Proclamer of the System of Workmanships of Cooperao (SOC), but extended other UG to it with administrative autonomy, in virtue of the research carried through in the Vestibule of Purchases of the Federal Government (Comprasnet). To become fullfilled a proposal of centered acquisition of common goods and services through the SRP, a bibliographical research of the following form was carried through: . Sources of search? an exhausting electronic bibliographical research was become fullfilled, using as search sources: – articles published in sites specialized in administration, databases of the state and federal governments (Comprasnet), Scielo and Academic Google; – books and monographs of the libraries of the School of Perfectioning of Officers, of the School of Command and General staff of the Army and the University Castello Branco; Strategy of search for the electronic databases? the following describing terms had been used: ‘ ‘ licitation, quality, standardization, mark, minor price, letter-invitation, competition, proclamation, proclamation, system of register of preos’ ‘ , respecting the peculiarities of each database..


FMI Economy

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Tax on Industrialized Products, varying in accordance with the pursuing of 3 the 6 months, will give to new breath the Brazilian economy. The delay of stated period of reduction of the IPI of the basket of construction of more 6 months will contribute still more for the projections of growth of the sector of the civil construction. This year will be the year of the proper house. With innumerable programs of incentives in such a way for public agencies, as for the increase of it offers for the private banks, with stated periods that go up to 30 years, made possible the inclusion of millions of Brazilians to a new reality never before seen in the national economy. Whenever NY museums listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Brazil will go to grow because> credit is abundant. Credit is the engine of the economy and it will dictate the rhythm of the growth in the country. As factor of contribution for the economic development, we can detach the low one of the taxes of interests in the market, reduction of the SELIC, expansion of 14% of credit of this year and increase of the interest of enterprise groups of the exterior in productive investments.

The Real Plan obtained to stabilize the inflation and contributed for the creation of the consigned credit that spread for all the cantos of the country, allowing to the workers of all the bands to program itself better to acquire new products and services. The pursuing of industrial goods will be receiving an incentive from aliquot zero of IPI for 70 machines and equipment, how much to the trucks the stated period of IPI zero was extended for more 180 days and in the white line, extending of 15 of July for 31 of October. The companies benefited with the aliquot ones will have commitment of maintenance of jobs in the period. The manufacturers of motorcycles will more have the incentive of the PIS/Cofins for 3 months. Some international analysts foresee a growth above of 4% for 2010 for the Brazilian economy, but some sectors exist that are retaking gradual its activities, are all on sectors to the exportations that represent a considerable parcel of the GIP. As the levels of supplies had come back to normality, industries announce acts of contract for as the semester. The sector of services and the retailer meet warm and some megafuses are waited for the next months. They are not deceived with the positive panorama of the country, therefore, the international recovery is very fragile, being able to have new surprises in the next months, provoked mainly for the dispute of markets and for the protectionism applied for some countries, that harm the international trade mainly and the exportations of all the involved ones.

Our economy is serving as example for other countries. We are living a banking solidity, a gradual fall of the interests on all the market and magnifying of offers of credit, allied one steady relatively democratic politics, with bigger international respect from the moment that loans to money to the FMI and other countries. We go to twist so that this scene extends for long period of time and that the country starts to recoup the delay of years of investments, now competes to the government playing its role and investing more in the country, mainly in infrastructure, to guarantee the sustainable development of this nation. Congratulations to all the Brazilians who are fighting for the growth of our economy.


Theoretical Referencial

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Its bigger concern, however, is to investigate the regional scene to define which is the forces that they interact in set with the crisis and as they react and transform economic the sectors local. 1.3Objetivos 1.3.1 General Objectives the present article have the objective to demonstrate to a economic status for all the world-wide and regional structures, on the facts and forces that guide the routes of the current financial crisis that if spreads through the globe. Showing to all these scenes and the sectors compose that them, why pressures pass and what they make to react ahead of the new situations that appear as the crisis advance. The article creates thus an excellent contextualizao of different and diverse economic pictures to supply a rich source of information. Creating then as consequence, a base for the opinion formation and orientation for other studies.

1.3.2 Specific objectives to supply to all the tools and bases the reading and the agreement of the facts and forces that this study composes, search to supply to some concepts and parameters necessary to supply the necessities of the reader in its desire to visualize the current one economic crisis. The article then tries to create an environment of easy reading and to supply the data more illustrated possible. 2. Theoretical Referencial 2.1. What it is crisis? According to dictionary MICHAELIS, ' ' A serious, decisive moment. A Situation of a government that if confrots with serious difficulties to remain itself in poder' '. When everybody is said in crisis is apreensivo.

The world is in polvorosa, companies is declaring insolvent and in ways to declare insolvent, the dollar goes up and goes down, the stock markets however in high however falling down disastrously from a high place. Much people, who speculate and play in the stock exchange, are losing money. The reporters do not stop of speaking in the economic indices, the economists with its teaching theories that are not valid a pierced tosto, and the politicians with its lies to calm the markets.


Federal Government

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The licitation was sent untimelily, Friday 29 of October, just before the bridge of 1 and 2 of November, with the presumed intention of which the interested participants wasted time of analysis. Being a nonstandard solution and for a key service that offers the Secretariat to the conationals in EEUUA, it is required that the offerers design specific and robust technical solutions. Nevertheless, the contest appears with the great pressure and tries to be adjudged the 17 of November; fulfilling hardly the minimum term that indicates the Law for this type of contests. It indicates that there would be some offerer who had access to the bases to be preparation with a solution and that the others could not obtain the same. The form in which the Chancellery tries to simulate a licitation to practically assign the service to a participant, through the manipulation of bases is coarse. Of this form, the efforts to develop licitation systems are in vain, since they do not control the technical aspect of the licitation that he is totally manipulable by the dependencies.

The Secretariat of the Public Function would have to take part to avoid the manipulation of the processes of acquisition of the Federal Government, otherwise the Secretary Fertile valley Squares, can be throwing the system Compranet 5,0 to the sweepings. In this case, one is the Secretariat of Outer Relations, that published the bases of licitation 00005003-007-10, to contract the program of appointments MEXITEL through a contact center. The contest has initiated vitiated of origin, to the being sent in the long weekend eve of 2 of November, with terms accelerated adjudging of way express and with a technical design that it disqualifies a priori to the majority of the gunners. As if the contest were designed to favor to carrier instead of a center of contacts. Besides limiting the time to respond to the bases of licitation, these clearly they are influenced by carrier, since requirements estableen that limit clearly the participation of a contact center in case same.

Nevertheless, the licitation seems to be slanted for Axtel by facts as evident as to solicit that the bidding one counts on certification 27,000. This is not a necessary certification for a contact center, but she is one that acquired Axtel recently. On the other hand, elementary questions are omitted that the service of Mexitel like the qualification has and has at the moment supported in site. With a tried saving of 10 billions of pesos, the Secretary Fertile valley Squares announced in past October a new version of Compranet. In its fifth version, this tool of purchases has evolved to offer to the government suppliers a transactional system that offers major transparency and fairness in the contests and for the dependencies of the Federal Government, majors savings. The transparency in the information is important, but the system is still of being able to control the techniques used by the people in charge of the acquisitions within each organization to negotiate with suppliers by outside the tool and armoring its selection in spite of Compranet.