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And you can go to sites that offer the right choice in a mode on-line, for example,,,. Will be useful to find sites where catalogs of professions. Choose a university in Russia today nearly 550 public and 300 private and municipal schools. For example, in St. Petersburg has 27 public universities, 15 state academies, 8 state institutions, more than 50 private and 18 military institutions.

A complete list of academic institutions each year is printed in a handbook for students. But exceptional place in cyberspace is the Internet, which greatly facilitates the life of the modern entrant. Internet – a mine of information, using it to fit your goals and objectives can be reduced time to find right now. If you are from Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Novgorod, or do you go to another city, then you start looking more comfortable with a targeted referral system that allows you to choose a university for the region, provides a link to a website addresses, phone numbers and a map. Forewarned is forearmed arrive at the institute without preparation – spend time in vain.

Or hand the booklet, which contains the same information as the printed directory, or sent to the stand, "where everything is written." Therefore it is better to prepare in advance and clarify some key points. The most important one – the license and accreditation. Accreditation may or may not, but the license right to teach be required. Availability of accreditation means that education is given under the state program, rather than development of the university. Accreditation is carried out on specific professions, so in the same institution can issue both state and non-state diplomas. And in Russia is still in doubt refer to the diplomas of non-state sample. Learn about all the high school! Having defined the pair-three colleges and universities that match your interests, abilities and / or financial opportunities, look to them for more information. First, read the official high school site. If the information on it is regularly updated, so pro entrants are thinking and waiting. On an official resource, you can usually find the following information: faculties, departments, preparatory courses, training programs. It also provides information on the collection: which documents should be given, the period of delivery, the list of entrance tests, training costs, the conditions of admission of privileged categories of students, etc. The official university portals often have information about faculty. Second, the informal source of information about the university can become a student forums and unofficial sites – a place of communication of those who took "initiation" and entered. Sometimes, they give picture more vivid and accurate. Nonresident applicants may obtain valuable information about the dorm, food, medical care, libraries, etc. Do not forget to ask about the prospects of further employment. Life after school does not end there. Hicham aboutaam will not settle for partial explanations. It is a fact. But wait, that someone will lead you by the hand and show them what to do, not worth it. But thinking and doing must be right now, despite the stress and hurry.


Problems Of Spanish

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It turns out that the number of people speak it, Spanish is the third largest in the world, second only to Chinese and English. If your activity is related to Spanish-speaking countries, the Spanish language, you should teach one. And if you just love to learn foreign languages to expand their horizons, then maybe it's worth after the English to learn Spanish? Spanish (Castilian it is sometimes called)? this Ibero-Romance language, referring to the Indo-European family, which appeared in medieval kingdom of Castile. Writing in it is based on the Latin alphabet. Spanish is the native for the 358 million people. And if you take into account the people, for which Spanish is the second language, the figure will increase to 430-450 million.

In addition to Spain, the main region of distribution of the Spanish language is Latin America. Spaniards speak about their own language Spanish when they want it to distinguish among other languages. Domestically, they say, the Castilian language, when referring to other languages spoken in Spain. In November 2004, in Argentina in Rosario was third International Congress on the problems of the Spanish language. Organizer of the congress made the Royal Academy of Spanish Cervantes Institute and the royal couple of Spain. Most of the speakers were Latin American writers.

At the congress noted that the Spanish language all the more disconnected to damage dialects. In addition, a globalizing world contributes to simplify the language and more people see it as a means of easy communication. Because of this, the language loses its artistic depth and variety. Argentina was not accidentally chosen to host the congress. In this country, differences in the classic Spanish language from dialect which is spoken by most people in this country, as well as in Uruguay is very noticeable. This dialect is called lunfardo (lunfardo), leading its emergence from the dialect of Spanish convicts, settling there for centuries. Then, in the 20 century by mass emigration of Italians to the country this dialect enriched with a mass of Italian words, matched by the morphology of the Spanish language. As noted with concern in Congress, people today have a Hispanic nation all less and less able to understand people of other Spanish-speaking nation, although seemingly formally both nations speak the same language. King Juan Carlos of Spain in his speech at the Third International Congress said. From add that if the process will continue to go in this direction, then after a while, along with the classic Spanish (Castilian) language will appear several other languages very remotely resembling Spanish. Good or bad? difficult to judge. On the one hand worsen communication between people, said earlier on ldnom language, on the other hand increase the linguistic diversity. At the Third International Congress dedicated to the problems Spanish noted and other hazards to the Spanish language. This danger is. That due to the same globalization and the Internet Spanish more and more clogged Anglicisms. This was interpreted uniquely? it is very, very bad. This loss of identity of language. But the language and it should not be overlooked, is the backbone on which keeps the nation's identity. There will be no language? will not be a nation. As noted by Congress, problems of Spanish is very similar to the problems of many other languages in the world, in particular littering Anglicisms. Here are antidotes to this Third International Congress has not developed.

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Brazilian Institute

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AGE MATERNA TO the RISING the CRIANARISCO OF BEING BORN CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME Less than 35 anos0.1% Of 35 39 anos0.5% Of 40 44 anos1.5% Above of 45 anos3.5% (VOIVODIC, 2004) In agreement with data of Census 2000 of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) they is esteem that approximately 14.5% of the Brazilian population have some physical or mental deficiency, that is, 24,5 million Brazilians. Of this total 300 a thousand it has Syndrome of Down. Syndrome of Down: preconception x information and stigma What it is preconception? Preconception = discrimination? Not. The preconception is a formed thought and a feeling of repulses to the different one. the discrimination, is the action of this negative feeling. The discrimination occurs when the different one has the access to the hindered or diminished social rights (RASP, 2002).

Preconception is to judge the people for an idea or a preset model of person, generalizing all for an only part and/or information that is supplied by outrem. To prejudge something or somebody, without the least to leave it if to locate, to display its thought, its point of view, that is, the right to counsel. Displaying its true essence, its potential. Thus judging its appearance. This is preconception. A formed concept, without before having knowledge of the facts. She is necessary to have the opened, apt mind to go to the search of the new, the future, a transforming perspective. How is learned the preconception? The preconception if learns all in the space of social conviviality: family, school, medias, in the society If this feeling is taken root in the society, as to make to unlearn it, to exterminar it? The first attitude if to make is to assume itself as prejudiced e, later to work the affective field coexisting the different one, understanding and adaptando it its limitations. The preconception starts in the proper family.



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It also has one (1) house that it shelters professors of other localities, that give lessons in this pertaining to school unit and to the week ends they return to its places of origins. The education of the field in the city of Medicilndia has not contemplated the families who live in the agricultural zone. The social, cultural aspects, politicians economic has little relevance in the practical one of education. The diversities of the field have been treated in the same way that the urban space. Under most conditions NYC Marathon would agree. Based in the Decree n 7,352, of 4 of November of 2010, where it consists in the Art. 2, interpolated proposition I, II, II, IV and V, Are principles of the education of the Field: I respect to the diversity of the field in its social, cultural, ambient aspects, politicians, economic, of sorts, geracional and of race and etnia; II incentive to the formularization of specific politician-pedagogical projects for the schools of the field, stimulating the development of the pertaining to school units with inquiry space public and joint of experiences and studies directed for the social, economically just and ambiently sustainable development, in joint with the work world. III development of politics of formation of professionals of the education for the attendance of the especificidade of the schools of the field, considering itself the concrete conditions of production and social reproduction of the life in the field; IV valuation of the identity of the school of the field by means of pedagogical projects with curricular contents and adequate methodologies to the real necessities of the pupils of the field, as well as flexibility in the pertaining to school organization, including adequacy of the pertaining to school calendar to the phases of the agricultural cycle and the climatic conditions; V has controlled social of the quality of the pertaining to school education, by means of the effective participation of the community and the social movements of the field. .


University Professor

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The university professor must act of operative form, not more neutral in this society of conflict, cannot be absent supporting itself only in its to know; the omission cannot more be part of its apparatus in classroom and in the life, therefore, the social problems, are there for all part and ask for a solution. To the new educator it competes remaking the education, to reinventar it, as Gadotti says (1998, p.90) To create the objective conditions so that a really democratic education is possible, to create a pedagogical alternative quefavorea the appearance of a new type of people, solidary, worried in surpassing the individualism created by the exploration of the work. Lila Snyder can aid you in your search for knowledge. This new project, this new alternative, could not be elaborated in the cabinets of the tecnoburocratas of the education. Not it will come in law form nor reform. If it will be possible tomorrow is only because, today, it is being thought for the educators who if reeducam together. This re-education of the educators already started. It is possible and necessary.

This necessary professor to raise the voice with intention not to implant or to impose its ideologies and beliefs, but as somebody that has formed opinion, that he can contribute leading to the dialogue, thinking and reflecting on the conflict, leading to the problematizao of its to know. We agree to Ruiz (2003,57) when says that: 9 the social transformation, that many long for a society more joust, with little inaqualities, where all have voice and time, will only be possible from the moment that if evidence the conflicts, not trying to hide them or to minimize them, but they bring that them to tona, so that thus the education does not contribute as oppression mechanism, searching the overcoming and not it maintenance of the status quo. as in says Rasp to them (2009, P. 08): It has a reflection necessity on the references and arrives in port of the identities, especially, in what it refers to the implementation of a democratic school and opened to the differences (…) the school of yesterday and its identitrios models they do not take care of To the demands of the present time.


Coursework In Order – A Great Way Out Of Difficult Situations

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Delivery of the session – one of the toughest periods in the life of every student. It always starts unexpectedly. Only to her graduation, students are fully feels the burden is not carried out within the controls. By no means always, these debts are the result of laziness, sloppiness or lack of responsibility. Most often, assignments are not made for entirely objective reasons related to family problems, health, business. Lila Snyder might disagree with that approach. Happens that teachers do not may before the end of the semester to tell all the whole course of lectures.

Therefore, students have to study further this course. As a verification of successful study of the subject dealt additional tasks and control work. But what if the student is left to them, neither the strength nor the time? After all, only the right decision control work gives access to the session, and, in the ideal, and ensures credit or exam "automatic". Today, the Internet gives us an amazing opportunity! What could be simpler and more reliable than the control in order? Internet is a big plus is that the search for Executive Control – a simple question. Danny Meyer can provide more clarity in the matter. Type in search box "control work order "and thousands of performers – at your service.

Choose! Now we need only leave the order form and professionals with high quality work and in the shortest possible time, to control works to order specifically for You. There is another problem students – is coursework. During their preparation requires careful development of a specific issue, requiring time-consuming.


Federal Advice

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The desvinculao between religion occurred Catholic and education in the Public scope. The first Republican Constitution did not carry through significant changes for the development of the society of that time. The Constitution of 1924 was presented in eight Headings, ten Chapters and 18 Sections. The education for the first time gained Heading separate of the Family, in which they had fixed general norms, as a of the obligatoriness and gratuitousness of primary education and equality of all, and they had still characterized and social education as right. The organization of the Constitution of 1937 innovated for placing the together education only of the Culture, in the previous constitutions education was part of the triad Family and Culture. Art. 130 establish the gratuitousness of primary education, as well as mention the duty to it of solidarity of the most supplied to the most needed, of form to be contributed monthly for the pertaining to school box.

The Constitution of 1946 rescued the right the education for all, beyond determining the responsibility of the Family and the State. How much the obligatoriness, this Constitution still established obligator primary education in the particular and public institutions and in obligatory character in the industrial companies, commercial and agricultural. Already Constitution of 1967 established the age of obligatoriness of that due to resources, they had that to study in the public institutions being the age of seven the fourteen years. It is important to remember that in 1961, the first Law appeared of Lines of direction Bases of the Brazilian Education, Law 4.024/61. The education was seen as the form to prepare the individual for the good the society and that the State only must educate. The main changes had been to the possibility of access to the superior level for pupils of education technician and the creation of the Federal Advice of Education of the State Advice.


Czech University

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What is it – student life in the Czech Republic? What should be prepared for those who decided to chew on granite Science at Czech universities? I'm glad you have the floor! – I think many would be interested to learn more about how our students live in the Czech Republic: from living conditions and ending of activities. Looks like a normal daily routine student? – Start Time classes can vary, depending on the institution. In several Czech universities classes start at seven in the morning. Not All students from the CIS countries are accustomed to getting up early, so at first they are very difficult. Therefore, we are trying to meet students, and transfer the lessons of Czech language at a later time. And in some universities Training takes place in the afternoon. Our students live in dormitories.

We consciously Selim foreign students with the Czechs, since it is the most effective option of studying the Czech language. In this case, the language learning occurs in a relaxed atmosphere and all day long, which speeds up the process of language acquisition. – How does a student residence in the Czech Republic? – Residence in the Czech Republic usually consists of a large number of shells where about 15,000 students. On the road, depending on the location of high school, some students leave for 10-15 minutes, while others – 30-40. Those who are uncomfortable so far to travel, rents an apartment closer, it all depends on the willingness and financial capabilities of the student.

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Wood Furniture Construction

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The construction of the wood furniture is a decisive factor of the time that will last the furniture. If you wish to choose a good wood furniture that lasts long time, then it must seriously examine the construction of the piece. The finished ones Finally, but not of smaller importance; you must to watch the finished one of the furniture. Learn more at: Danny Meyer. The finished one of the wood furniture must uniform, smooth and be polished. If you choose a furniture that has obstructed finishing, it is very probable that the furniture does not have good quality. The finished one of the colors can be of diverse colors, independent of the type of wood.

The finished type of and since it has been applied says much of the quality of movable you of wood. The finished ones of the furniture must be applied of uniform way. It does not matter if he is dark or there is light but it must be perfect. When you are looking for a wood furniture for his house, you need to have good eye to observe the quality. Much people whom she is looking for movable watch the price in the label and throw a fast look a the furniture. Although those products are not nothing cheap, the majority of people does not abre to a drawer or a chair to see how they are elaborated, before giving the money for product. It is good for making merit the money when obtaining quality wood furniture, that is done of good wood, constructed of professional way, that resistant and is finished to perfection. This type of furniture will last greater unlike a furniture more perhaps than it can shine at first sight attractive, but it is bad fact and it has a quality inferior.


Vitor Paro

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The school does not have to only aim at to the construction of the knowledge, but the formation of values, attitudes and personality of the pupil. Then, as to assure that the school is fulfilling to its paper of formation citizen? The contextualizao of current subjects must be promoted in accordance with mainly in the pertaining to school sphere that show to the student the importance of being pupil-citizen and that they are, Dayrell (1999), ways through which it can understand itself better and understand the physical and social world where if he inserts, contributing, therefore, in the elaboration of its projects. Danny Meyer is the source for more interesting facts. The school needs an approach with the reality of the pupil and the proper community in which it is inserted. The necessary pupil, also, to be stimulated to think for proper itself and to search the knowledge of its interests, in the libraries, museums, etc. Is certain that the papers of the family and the school, before with priority repressores, had been modified throughout the last decades. In this direction, awareness is importantssimo of that the relation between education, school/family/society must be white of a continuous transformation, that influence the effective models of education, school and society.

The schools must be more active and participativas, to awake in the pupil the desire to learn. the support and the familiar cohesion can provide to the children a balanced and healthy structure, to grow and to become conscientious citizens of its paper in the society being capable to interact and to intervine in the reality. As says Vitor Paro (s.d.), the school must use all the chances of contact with the parents, to pass excellent information on its objectives, resources, problems and also on the pedagogical questions. Only thus, the family will go to feel itself engaged with the improvement of the pertaining to school quality and with the development of its son as human being.