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HEROLD Mobile Now Available As An Application For The Windows Phone 7

Posted by adminNY on March 12, 2020
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Now to the Donwnload Windows market place available the Herald there is now available as a free application for Windows phone 7. Thus users of smartphones can now even more convenient access on the 4 million Austrian phone numbers including the data of 350,000 domestic companies. After apps for the iPhone, for Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc. the Herald offers now a mobile application for Windows phone 7 and thereby extends its offer for Smartphone users. User-friendly search function with the new applications, the comprehensive data of the Austrian phone books and yellow pages always and everywhere available are all Windows phone 7 users.

No matter, whether a restaurant in Vienna, carpenters in Innsbruck or Friseur in Graz is searched for, the results appear quickly and clearly in a list. Convenient on the go: Auto-search terms are completed with matching text proposals. In the results pane are detailed information to many companies such as opening hours, a Description of the company, products, images and payment options available. Users have the ability to evaluate companies and to inform themselves on the basis of the experiences of other consumers about a company. Each search result can be displayed on a map. Practical search users of Windows phone 7 will also benefit from an integrated search. Businesses in the immediate vicinity are displayed on request.

Contacts can store and found companies send you directly by phone or email contact. Each contact can be stored on the mobile phone and email. Easy access to the Herald application calls a Windows phone 7 users HEROLD.at with his cell phone, a link to download of the app is automatically offered him. In addition, the application also in the Windows market place with the search term HEROLD is”available. The Herald of Windows phone 7 application is free of charge, for the connection to the mobile Internet costs only depending on the mobile phone rates there. Almost every 3. iPhone users used the Herald application in the October 2009 launched iPhone application has been downloaded over 155,000 copies in the app store. Thus, almost every Austrian 3. iPhone users used the Herald application on his iPhone. The available since autumn 2010 app for smartphones already made it to 61,000 downloads. Speed is an important factor of success in the mobile Internet. Therefore it is us a particular concern, to respond rapidly to current trends and to provide corresponding applications in this area”, Herald Managing Director of Thomas Friess manifests itself. Find more information about the mobile applications by HEROLD, on mobile.herold.at HEROLD business data GmbH on its platforms, HEROLD business data provides a common market for buyers and sellers: HEROLD products can find consumers always and everywhere relevant data about companies, products, brands and services as well as phone numbers and addresses. Companies opened Herald effective and measurable ways to attract customers and generate additional revenue. In the Focus of company activity is the publication of Austrian phone books and yellow pages as a print edition, online on HEROLD.at and also on the mobile phone. Moreover, the products range from high-quality data for direct marketing of special-interest products to search engine marketing. HEROLD business data GmbH Guntramsdorfer str. 105 2340 Modling Tel. 02236/401-0 fax 02236/401-8 further information: HEROLD business data GmbH Malgorzata Faris Tel. + 43 664 6108428 E-Mail: Web:


Chancellor Great Expectations Magazine

Posted by adminNY on December 07, 2017
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Personaldienstleister Harvey Nash brings his online appointments magazine (OAM) on the iPad Berlin/Dusseldorf, may 4, 2010 – while the delivery of the most recent shoot of the Apple family in Germany still to wait, the Chancellor has a brand new brought iPad from California – a gift from ex-terminator and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. “She was a little proud, various media reports that she belongs to the quite manageable number of Germans, the the miracle flounder”, so the mirror, already have. That she however promptly used the Tablet from Cupertino to coordinate government business, while the Icelandic ash cloud as well as international aviation paralyzed the political business of the day, is not known. Gain insight and clarity with NYC Mayor. Quite different from her counterpart from Norway: Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg while trapped at the airport in New York, took advantage of its new acquisition but, to continue the duties. For many experts, the question is currently on the agenda, which Influence the iPad will have on the E-book reader. Amazon issued prompt an iPad version its Kindle software for the launch, which makes Apple’s device to the fiercest competitors for the Kindle reader online consignor.” It reports the mirror.

And further: in parallel, several US publishers have newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal ‘, the United States today’ or men’s health’ brought out an iPad version. The comic book publisher Marvel offers its picture books for sale about an app, supports reading, for example, by a function that leads the reader frame by frame through the comic. On the iPad screen the class looks”, so the news magazine, which provides scope for innovation when it comes to apps: sometimes new iPad application, such as those from eBay, acts as if it were knitted with a hot needle to be at the beginning of the sales it. Positive counter-examples such as the app of the IMDB (Internet movie database) or the player of the US TV channel ABC what but also show up with the iPad “everything do can be and give hope that there will be similar deals in this country from ProSiebenSat.1. iPad especially for serial formats of media 1 – than ideal is.” Promises different is when on recruitment of executives and IT-outsourcing specialist Harvey Nash group with the use of online appointments magazine (OAM) for the iPad. The OAM is one of a small number of applications that Apple had already approved before the market launch of the iPad. The decision supports the strategy of Harvey Nash to be the leading business group in the Personaldienstleistungs industry at digital innovations.

Of course we are aware that we need to maintain online relationships with our application candidates and customers. Web sites, mobile devices, social networks belong to this digital strategy”, explains managing director Udo Nadolski Harvey Nash. The OAM was founded in 2006 with the intention to support managers in their career development. By a combination has become worldwide it of visionary leadership, advice, and career opportunities with over 50,000 active users and subscribers one of the leading online magazine of its kind. The OAM is in formats Web, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad now available. It distinguishes itself according to the company through its concise editing and its easy-to-use format. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:


About The IT Industry: The New IT Book Germany

Posted by adminNY on February 11, 2017
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ICT companies of all disciplines at a glance find Darmstadt, December 12, 2012-ICT companies of all disciplines at a glance users in the new IT book Germany now in the current online version and starting fall 2013 in regional print editions that. The business directory is for the first time throughout Germany available. ITK providers and service providers have the possibility to imagine potential customers and prospective customers. The IT-book is aimed at companies and organizations that deal with the subject of information technology and telecommunications (ICT). It aims to give a comprehensive and professional reference and an online platform to hand them. This can facilitate the search specialised provider or service provider according to a, which assists a company in the implementation of technical requirements.

The ICT companies can present themselves in the IT-book with their own profile and have different options on this issue. The range is wide: images, texts, videos, blog, press releases or personal ads. The IT book to help also the ICT companies to network with each other and to form clusters. The new online presence as well as the printed version, which appears in selected regions of Germany belongs to the IT-book. The print edition of Rhine Neckar main screen appears in the autumn of 2013 already for the third time. With the additional entry in the printed edition of the region, companies achieve maximum attention from the user.

ICT companies can imagine, far beyond the own region as a strong and reliable partner in their fields. The IT book is suitable graphic data processing, multimedia, IT law, IT project management for service companies in the sectors, to make IT close to solutions. Also IT books that focus on specific regions of Germany are planned for the future. For more information interested IT companies under. The starting price is 89 euros per year. A free entry is also possible. Here are only limited modules available. About AMC24GmbH & co. KG, Publisher of the IT-book Germany AMC24 GmbH & co. KG created the IT book Rhine Main Neckar, in which IT now about 280 companies are listed as Publisher for years. Also, AMC 24 held the IT & media, the IT trade fair in the Rhine-Main region and ICT company offers a stage for your presentation. AMC24 is active in the B-to-B market and advises customers in the sales and marketing extensively across all processes up to the execution of the planned activities, including organizing and conducting. A special focus is on the IT industry and the investment goods industry. Contact: AMC24 GmbH & co. KG Michael Mattis Robert-Bosch-str.