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Problems Of Spanish

Posted by adminNY on March 31, 2019
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It turns out that the number of people speak it, Spanish is the third largest in the world, second only to Chinese and English. If your activity is related to Spanish-speaking countries, the Spanish language, you should teach one. And if you just love to learn foreign languages to expand their horizons, then maybe it's worth after the English to learn Spanish? Spanish (Castilian it is sometimes called)? this Ibero-Romance language, referring to the Indo-European family, which appeared in medieval kingdom of Castile. Writing in it is based on the Latin alphabet. Spanish is the native for the 358 million people. And if you take into account the people, for which Spanish is the second language, the figure will increase to 430-450 million.

In addition to Spain, the main region of distribution of the Spanish language is Latin America. Spaniards speak about their own language Spanish when they want it to distinguish among other languages. Domestically, they say, the Castilian language, when referring to other languages spoken in Spain. In November 2004, in Argentina in Rosario was third International Congress on the problems of the Spanish language. Organizer of the congress made the Royal Academy of Spanish Cervantes Institute and the royal couple of Spain. Most of the speakers were Latin American writers.

At the congress noted that the Spanish language all the more disconnected to damage dialects. In addition, a globalizing world contributes to simplify the language and more people see it as a means of easy communication. Because of this, the language loses its artistic depth and variety. Argentina was not accidentally chosen to host the congress. In this country, differences in the classic Spanish language from dialect which is spoken by most people in this country, as well as in Uruguay is very noticeable. This dialect is called lunfardo (lunfardo), leading its emergence from the dialect of Spanish convicts, settling there for centuries. Then, in the 20 century by mass emigration of Italians to the country this dialect enriched with a mass of Italian words, matched by the morphology of the Spanish language. As noted with concern in Congress, people today have a Hispanic nation all less and less able to understand people of other Spanish-speaking nation, although seemingly formally both nations speak the same language. King Juan Carlos of Spain in his speech at the Third International Congress said. From add that if the process will continue to go in this direction, then after a while, along with the classic Spanish (Castilian) language will appear several other languages very remotely resembling Spanish. Good or bad? difficult to judge. On the one hand worsen communication between people, said earlier on ldnom language, on the other hand increase the linguistic diversity. At the Third International Congress dedicated to the problems Spanish noted and other hazards to the Spanish language. This danger is. That due to the same globalization and the Internet Spanish more and more clogged Anglicisms. This was interpreted uniquely? it is very, very bad. This loss of identity of language. But the language and it should not be overlooked, is the backbone on which keeps the nation's identity. There will be no language? will not be a nation. As noted by Congress, problems of Spanish is very similar to the problems of many other languages in the world, in particular littering Anglicisms. Here are antidotes to this Third International Congress has not developed.

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Czech University

Posted by adminNY on September 03, 2017
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What is it – student life in the Czech Republic? What should be prepared for those who decided to chew on granite Science at Czech universities? I'm glad you have the floor! – I think many would be interested to learn more about how our students live in the Czech Republic: from living conditions and ending of activities. Looks like a normal daily routine student? – Start Time classes can vary, depending on the institution. In several Czech universities classes start at seven in the morning. Not All students from the CIS countries are accustomed to getting up early, so at first they are very difficult. Therefore, we are trying to meet students, and transfer the lessons of Czech language at a later time. And in some universities Training takes place in the afternoon. Our students live in dormitories.

We consciously Selim foreign students with the Czechs, since it is the most effective option of studying the Czech language. In this case, the language learning occurs in a relaxed atmosphere and all day long, which speeds up the process of language acquisition. – How does a student residence in the Czech Republic? – Residence in the Czech Republic usually consists of a large number of shells where about 15,000 students. On the road, depending on the location of high school, some students leave for 10-15 minutes, while others – 30-40. Those who are uncomfortable so far to travel, rents an apartment closer, it all depends on the willingness and financial capabilities of the student.

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