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Posted by adminNY on May 28, 2018
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You must be aware, that the University, in addition to forming citizens and professionals for the job market also has to train people that help understand the problems of the country public universities should focus more on their rights to their operability making him see the Government that its participation would be beneficial for this, if it really complies with requests that are required to be more operational, as it is to provide budgets according to the economic reality of the present, budgets that the universities themselves must present and the Government have a QC team prepared to see its justification and the way of revenues provided are handled. We are aware as well as the role that universities should play and avoid misinterpretations in the management of its budget, take into account views as, that the budget of public universities is contributed by more than 95%, by the State, in accordance with the budgetary formulation that makes each one of these institutions annually and the methodology designed, for these purposes, by the Office of planning of the University Sector. However, despite administrative controls that are exercised, by law, through the offices of Comptroller internal and other administrative inspection bodies that are in the universities, not There is a system of financial assessment that allows us to determine the efficiency of the budgetary contributions. The only thing that is known is that universities, in the majority of cases, are insolvent with its personnel, providers of support services and the provision of materials and updated equipment for the efficient performance of the different academic activities. It is necessary and appropriate, for the universities themselves, clarify this situation through the establishment of systems of accountability to the University community and society in general.

This system of accountability should be part of a process of institutional assessment allowing from a permanent record of relevant information, monitor their performance sectoral and global, in order to make timely informed decisions and its management accountable to society. A University evaluation system should give an account of aspects such as: the quality and relevance of the graduate, the obsolescence of the curriculum, the quality of the performance teacher, the quality of the research, the relevance of the extension, the need for academic training in staff, the quality of management, efficiency in the use of financial resources and the quality of support services. Currently, the fundamental emphasis of the universities, in terms of evaluation, is referred to student performance. I believe, on behalf of Venezuela, his transformation of the rescue of their education must better bonding of the State with its universities and establish both strategies, programs, plans that favor to everyone. We are confident that the national Government generate changes nevesarios that the vilipendidada rescue Venezuelan higher education and s always comes to what we have ambiocionado the achievement of excellence that all Venezuelan academia waiting.

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