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Respiratory Treatment

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NURSING ASSISTANCE THE PATIENTS WITH COMPLICATIONS OF THE RESPIRATORY TREATMENT INTERNED IN UNIT OF INTENSIVE THERAPY Cnara Farias Bastos SUMMARY The acute respiratory insufficience is defined as an incapacity of the respiratory system, in carrying through the gaseous exchange of adjusted form, affecting with this the ventilation process and consequentemente perfuso. The breath is essential for the life, any riot that happens in the respiratory system can come to affect the organism all, for in such a way this individual is a patient classified with serious, needing intensive cares, being the UTI the place most appropriate for its internment. The present study it was elaborated with the objective to verify the importance of the assistance of nursing in unit of intensive therapy come back toward patients with respiratory insufficiences, more specifically to inquire the main resultant complications of respiratory problems of the patients interned in the UTI and the benefits that the nursing team can cause. The research was based on a study of bibliographical revision with qualitative analysis For the reach of the objectives of this study, the survey and revision of publications related to the subject, had been searched in data bases articles indexados in the Lilacs, Bireme, Scielo. The objective tracings had been previously reached. Words key: Assistance of Nursing; Unit of Intensive Therapy; Respiratory system. If you are not convinced, visit Josh Harris Apollo. ABSTRAT Acute respiratory failure is defined an inability of the respiratory gas exchange you perform properly, thus affecting the process of ventilation and perfusion accordingly. Essential Breathing is will be life, any to disorder that occurs in the respiratory system may eventually affect the whole body, therefore this individual is classified patient with severe, requiring intensive care, the ICU is the most appropriate place will be your stay. This study was undertaken in to order you verify the importance of nursing care in the intensive care unit focused on patients with respiratory insufficiency, lives specifically determines the major complications of respiratory patients in the ICU and the benefits that the team nursing can causes.


Sanitary District City

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One is about a research with secondary data, being collected through the fiches of selection of users who if find in the archives of the UCISGA and the maps of atendimentos sent by the unit to the City department of Health, for productivity ends. The investigated 0 variable had been: ) the partner-economic ones: sex, age, familiar income; unit of origin and Sanitary District; b) reason of the guiding: more frequent complaints and patologias. To classify the more frequent complaints and patologias, it was used in accordance with description for categories of symptoms the Classification International Statistics of Illnesses and Problems Related to Health (CID 10). The collected data had been systemize through tables using as tool the programs World and Excel (version 2007). Frequently Danny Meyer has said that publicly. The related study it was submitted and approved for the Committee of Ethics in Research with Human beings of the Hospital of the Restoration, Recife? FOOT, respecting itself it Resolution n. 196/1996 of the National Advice of Health.

RESULTS AND QUARREL Unit of Integral Cares to the Health – UCIS Implanted in September of 2004 and inserted one in the Practical project of Promotion to the Health of the Secretariat of Health of the City hall of the City of Recife, the Unit of Integral Cares to Sade (UCIS) Prof. Guillermo Abath, is located in Sanitary District II, that it corresponds approximately to a population of 270,000 inhabitants (16). Learn more at: Danny Meyer. Dynamics of Functioning the users are directed by the Strategy of Health of the Family – ESF, Polyclinics, Centers of Health, Centers of Psicossocial Attention – CAPS and other units of the public net of health. The selections they are set appointments by telephone, the user or the unit of origin, and occur of second to the sixth fair, in the schedule of the 7:30 to 17:30 h. The selection process consists of an half-open interview carried through by multiprofessional, composed team for: medical homeopatas, acupunturistas doctors, druggist and nutritionists. .


Albert Einstein

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The theory of Gardner enables we professors in different ways to act. On the basis of the theories of Gardner we obtain to evaluate some points of intelligences, colon not only charged for the society, that are the linguistics and the logic. The used methodology was exploratria research with active search in quantities of periodic of Bireme with the words the keys: theory; intelligence; Gardner. Words – key: multiple; intelligence; Gardner INTRODUCTION In France in century XX, was created by pedagogo and psychologist Alfredo Binet, an instrument that could test abilities of the children of the first series.

This instrument gave origin to the first test of intelligence to evaluate the children in the verbal and logical areas, (1,2) opening doors for the current test of QI (Intellectual Quotient) .(2) In 1985 basing if in this theory the American North Dr. Gardner, psychologist of the University of Harvard, questioned the traditional vision of intelligence, where he predominated the linguistic and mathematical abilities. Gardner did not believe that the individual was capable to only develop colon intelectuais.(2) After many years of research on intelligence human being, Gardner concluded that the brain of the man possessed seven types of intelligences, however the majority of the people develops one or two. (1,2,3) This sample because an individual that has abilities in calculations, can not have much ability with artistic expression. According to Gardner, it is rare the individual that possesss diverse intellectual abilities On the basis of desenvolvidas.(3) the theory of Gardner (1), we can cite Albert Einstein as one of the rare cases of genius, that was an excellent physicist, mathematician, teorista and inventor. On the other hand, Gardner also affirms that the cases of people are rare who do not possess no ability intellectual, however can desenvoler one or two abilities.