Latin American

Posted by adminNY on December 29, 2018
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The points are many that can be tried as far as the writing of an article, here I will mention two of them: sincerity and respect. One is due to lie or never to invent about a subject, to write and only to publish something. It is for that reason that stops to write is due to have previous knowledge of the subject, or to realise studies and investigations on thematic or the niche that are wanted to write. As far as the respect, he has been one of the points in which, in my opinion, we failed many writers and this can be seen, from the titles of articles to his content. In many cases, this could be due, among others reasons, to that they are translated, literally, expressions used in English and directed a that market by part industralists of American the anglian market. What has to do this? The culture.

We must have present that exists a great breach between the cultures American and English, and the Hispanic culture, mainly the one of the Latin American countries. Therefore, expressions in headed like on approval of idiots, that is frequent to find them in the promotional announcements and other writings in English, could not be adapted and, rather, detrimental, as far as the objective of your business. Another example could be the use of the inexperienced term, widely used in English. In some countries of Hispanic speech, this term is startling. For this reason, personally, I prefer to write: This is for people who just begin in the businesses online instead of this is for novices. The use of the entrance connections or back links. As I indicated previously, the use of articles, like promotional means or advertising cash, is in the positioning of connections (links) within the article that to to be cliqueados by the reader they direct to your Web site to it or blog, of another way, your article would not have sense like advertising means.