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Reddy Kadiri Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft

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was tested. Type, number and the issuing authority are to record or to make a copy of the card. The draughtsman is a natural person and joining not personally present (E.g. at a remote sales business), has carried out the identity verification based on a certified copy of a valid official identification document or through the post-ident method and at least the first deposit payment made directly from an account of the artist. -The Subscriber shall provide a declaration from also, that he is on his own account and provides the deposit from an account in his name.

This is not the case, at least the name and if necessary further identification of the beneficial owner must be identified and appropriate measures to verify. The Subscriber is a legal entity or a private company, beneficial owners are all shareholders who directly or indirectly hold more than 25% of the share capital or voting rights. Ownership and control structure of the artist must be linked to adequate resources in experience. Comprehensive recording, monitoring, and other duties which are collected and collected information about contractors, beneficial owners, business relationships and transactions to record. The business relationship must be continuously monitored and updated in particular the respective documents, data or information in an appropriate temporal distance. The debtor must make reasonable internal safeguards against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The development and update of internal principles, appropriate business – and customer-oriented security systems and controls and ensuring include, that the agents and their employees about the methods of money laundering and the financing of terrorism are taught according to the legal obligations (guidance, etc.). Finally the provider must be before the start of the collaboration with a broker whose reliability and during the cooperation by sampling the convince appropriateness and adequacy of the measures taken by the broker, attributed to the provider as their own. Penalties failure to be the identification requirements not met, no drawing may be carried out. The new identification obligation applies also for existing business relationships. This would basically stop, if and insofar as a subsequent identification does not occur or is not possible, the lawyer. The speedy implementation of the law is completely surprising for many providers. According to our estimates, at present few of the drawing documents in the sales meet the new statutory provisions. Who hurt the identification and record-keeping obligations, risked a fine of up to euro 100.000,-and the forced termination of the business relationship. For this reason, the providers are required to update not only their drawings, but also the internal procedures to the Compliance with the examination, together with experienced counsel as soon as possible to customize recording and monitoring obligations, so the lawyer. Press release: Gundel & Reddy Kadiri Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH contact person: Dr. Matthias Gundel Managing Director phone: 0551-44343 Web:

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Capital Procurement

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Dr. Werner financial services AG held its seminar on the subject of equity and mezzanine capital to the Bank independent SME financing on April 23, 2008 in Gottingen. The day event with an integrated workshop was again well attended. Commercial lawyer brokered at the seminar Dr. Horst S. Werner and lawyer Holger Bernd and the speakers from the partner companies, the advertising agency of beclever ( and the financial portal (, Kirsten Winkelbach and Nicolo Martin, the essential information to the Bank independent corporate finance.

Dr. Hear other arguments on the topic with Danny Meyer. Werner’s remarks as speaker of Dr. Werner network gave the participants an intense insight into the procurement markets and an overview of subsidiaries, mezzanine funds and foundations or effectiveness of investments and mezzanine capital. More topics starting at the current market situation, equity and the typical mezzanine financing to the bearer bonds have been described in detail by Dr. Werner presented. The practical raising of capital for businesses, the placing on the market and the sales took a wide room. Lawyer Holger Bernd informed the participants about the current case law in the field of prospectuses and the BFin procedure and the banking supervision during placement.

“The event was rounded off with the lectures by Mrs Kirsten Winkelbach, CEO of beclever Werbeagentur AG, on the topics production of the prospectus documents”, in particular the legal consequences incorrect graphical implementation, and Nicolo Martin, project manager emissions marketplace, on the subject of solutions in the field of marketing and financial communications “. The seminar dealt with legal and actual problems and challenges of independent corporate finance, was above all an exchange among the seminar participants in a seminar-integrated practitioners workshop. Target group of the seminar contractors, financial service providers and consultants were interested in independent financing, by Companies, as well as an exchange of experiences among themselves. Was so right”the event was described by participants and speakers as attractive. The seminar participants rated the seminar as exemplary. The individual presentations were excellent and presented practical with many examples”was only one of the consistently positive comments of the participants. In addition, interest in a continuation of the seminars was signaled by different pages by Dr. Werner financial services AG. The next seminar takes place in Gottingen, at the Clarion Hotel, on June 26, 2008, from 10:00 to 17:00. Entrepreneurs who are interested in further seminars, can contact in an email to Dr. Werner financial services AG or otherwise come in contact with. Other suggestions may be submitted to it. Nicolo Martin

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The Dental Insurance Compared

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Current results to the dental insurance in the Stiftung Warentest. In the current issue of the Stiftung Warentest, the dental insurance more closely scrutinized were taken. Almost every 2 years comes a new comparison of dental benefits by Stiftung Warentest. This shows that not only now for many statutory health insurance dental insurance plays a major role, is a clear trend to the supplementary insurance for teeth but also many institutions. What does a dental insurance? Because the statutory health insurance just when the tooth replacement cost makes more and more savings, only the way of additional protection to many there. Services, which take up to 100 percent of the cost of dentures, are offered here. New York Museums understands that this is vital information. However, caution is required here, because not all insurance keep what they promise.

It already very many of these insurance companies were checked and it turns out that not every actually takes over the services offered. Those who opt for such insurance should know that no dental insurance assumes the entire cost of dentures. This concerns above all the patients for a very expensive benefit falls on. Right from the beginning, who has a bad tooth condition, must reckon with a rejection of the inclusion in the insurance. The dental insurance calculation of contributions differ in two different variants. Some insurers set the post according to the age of the customers. Here the insurer may not terminate but the insurance and the insurance conditions specified are almost never changed. Gain insight and clarity with Bill de Blasio.

The next version, the contribution is raised with increasing age and even increases due to cost increases are possible here, and the insurer has the can the insurance company cancel within the first 3 years. The dental insurance offered by private insurance companies. Who buys such insurance on his health insurance, need to know that the Fund only as an intermediary between the customer and a private insurer occurs. Therefore a dental insurance is recommended comparison on the Internet or with the help of a broker. Benefit is worthwhile especially if the customer has to make very high equity stake in tooth replacement costs this insurance. The often offered tools for example for tooth-preserving measures are hardly beneficial, because these costs mostly by the statutory health insurance are paid. If a treatment has begun a dental insurance pays nothing if the contract is concluded then. For achievements in the field of Dental restorations, a dental insurance, however, is an optimal opportunity strongly to minimize its cost of equity.

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GmbH Lisa Neumann Aid

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Aid and private insurance rest enjoy officials or civil servants candidates in Germany numerous advantages. Among them is also the choice of health insurance, because officers and officer candidates can themselves decide whether they are legally or privately insure. An insurance obligation in any case since 2009. The disadvantage to the health insurance companies is, that the insurance premium depends on the income. Also, officials must bear fully the contributions. The private insurance Portal reported about the benefits of a private insurance scheme for civil servants. Many writers such as Danny Meyer offer more in-depth analysis. Private health insurance for officials and civil servants candidates benefit is generally.

Unlike as in the statutory health insurance the amount of contributions does not depend on income. In addition receive private financial support in the form of so-called aid assured officers and officer candidates in case of illness. As a result, up to 80 percent of medical expenses can be covered. The amount of aid varies by State State, spouses and children (with entitlement to child benefit) will regard. Civil servants on lifetime, officer candidates, trainees and officials are entitled to state aid.

Also, judges and officials in retirement are entitled to aid. Aid for amounting to Beihilfeberechtige/r Beihilfeberechtige/r 50% with at least 2 children 70% 70% children spouse 80% because the aid covers the total cost of illness, should private rest cost insurance, which is usually the remaining portion. Officials on trial and officials benefit from powerful tariffs, but also for staff members and trainees, there are cheap deals. Supplement rates are offered for comprehensive protection. Among other things a hospital expense insurance and tariffs for care allowance, treatment costs, or dentures extra protection are advisable. A special travel health insurance is advisable for the holiday.

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Earth Amount

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What you have to do to get to can the world afford to assume it did 2000 years ago had already given banks all wars and crises easily survived. NY Museums has similar goals. And suppose there’s the Euro 2000 years and you would have then created a euro and get 5% interest per year. What amount of money could you withdraw then today theoretically? Now you think, would have so few thousand euros on the account is totally wrong. Due to the compound interest effect, an exponential growth exists here. At an interest rate of 5%, which is quite an historical average, we have doubled the original amount every 14 years.

One doubles but 10 times, we have the 1024-fache of the origin amount, so in about the 1000 times. Our top the euro would so after 140 years about 1000 Euro “generated” have. You have reached 2000 who now believes after 280 years, has not understood the compound interest effect. After 280 years, we have achieved–in about 1 million euros. Every 140 years is legal so, the applied amount, if you put them with an interest rate of 5%. So long, after 600 years, we have exceeded the one-trillion euro limit. After 2000 years, so a euro at an average interest rate of 5% about could reached an amount of: 2.391. euros with this money you could buy all of the shares of the world! You could buy all raw materials, natural resources, mining, real estate.

You could acquire all the land of the world thus. Would you buy a chunk of gold with the money, so these nuggets should have about the a billionenfache volume of the Earth, so that all the money would be used up with the current market prices. You could all possessions of the universe today reach buy, so the whole world, if you will. Of course, this is only a thought model because the prices with the amount of money in circulation would grow constantly.

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Building Insurance

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Why is building insurance it so important to? Which building insurance is right in the crisis? Many Germans wondering, because many Germans want to of course very much like to conclude the really best insurance which just kinda there. Still many people are simply the best and to choose the cheapest insurance nciht about. Other terms for buildings insurance, being as homeowners insurance, house insurance, construction insurance, and also client liability, of course, often quite simply other things are meant. Construction insurance are something else, don’t have a lot of the hat with a building insurance actually. What is there for building insurance in the Germany? In the Internet you can find really very many providers of these buildings insurance. For even more opinions, read materials from Francisco D’Agostino. You have to take not the cheapest buildings insurance and the cheapest fare, however it may be of course very much like to cheap. Many people forget that she have a for a home building insurance and for the apartment need a home insurance.

Of course, the implications, because many provider disappear from the market. In the Internet, since there are already building insurance for approx. 20 euro monthly, so very cheap. For luxury homes, it can be but also 100 euro per month or even more. More at building insurance-comparison /.

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Checking Account & Account Despite Schufa No Credit Check

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Get your account in credit problems to open an account, although there is a negative Schufaeintrag, something is difficult in practice sometimes because banks often just open a checking account, if the applicant does not have both ears is in debt. But also for people with Schufaeintrag, it must be possible nationwide to open an account. The consumer organisations, which criticize the fact for a long time, banks to reject an application for a checking account, provided that the creditworthiness of the applicant is bad request already for several years. But also indebted people must have the opportunity to be able to open an account despite Schufa. It is proposed a credit account despite Schufa to provide nationwide. But as long as no legal moves banks, a credit-based account is probably still rarely offered. Also the practice prevails in some banks, that a Schufaauskunft is obtained in an account on a prepaid basis and an account will be rejected, because There are Schufaeintrage. It is rather difficult to get even a credit-based giro account despite Schufa.

A bank account despite Schufa is also obtained from foreign banks on a prepaid basis. Warned but will face con men, are traveling in this area and offering such as a bank account with Schufa to a favourable price to the mediation by consumer protection agencies. For an additional fee, all account opening documents will be sent to. Our reputable vendor, we made very good experiences. On the page (even though the extension .eu, there is a German provider!) is free of charge

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Late Payment Penalty For Privately Insured

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The honeymoon is over for the reform of the Insurance Act the insurance no longer just for people with health insurance by law compulsory. Even for privately insured, health insurance is now mandatory. A thorough then contract is not within the prescribed period, an appropriate penalty will be charged. The private insurance Portal informs what amounts in such cases must be expected. The so-called late payment surcharge will be due from 1 January 2009. NY Museums has much to offer in this field.

The amount of the payment depends on the number of months without health insurance coverage. The first month is impunity under insurance law. For the following four months, late payment surcharges in full amount of the computed monthly premium is due. After this period, a penalty must be paid for each additional month a customer has spent up to the conclusion of the contract without health insurance, corresponding to one sixth of this premium. In addition to this statutory penalty is also by the insurance company a further supplement.

A comparison of the different insurance providers, however, shows that there is no uniform approach for calculating this additional penalty fees. Depending on the interpretation of the legislation with regard to the impunity of the first month, the insurance companies request a late payment surcharge which corresponds to four or five month articles. Among other things the health assistance, the HanseMerkur and central health insurance waive a penalty for January 2009. More information:…/ pkv penalties… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Services And Their Types

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Credit card debt consolidation loans services it is now much easier to manage your debt if you have been engulfed by significant credit card debts. Nowadays there is a lot of federal and independent debt consolidation company available at your information. The government offers a variety of loans for both students and ordinary people so that they can overcome their debts. The main objective of such federal services is to integrate different types of loans and simplify things for debt management solution seekers. Military debt relief and Christian debt relief services are among various government funded debt management companies that teach individuals how to manage credit card debt. Therefore, borrowers who have gone upside down on their credit cards should avail search services to tackle their debt situation.

There are plenty of independent debt management companies who offer professional services online to help people soaked in unsecured debts. Thousands of struggling borrowers are being helped with customized credit card debt consolidation loan plan every year by these companies even if they do not come under any child of government control. This is because search services employ legally qualified and highly experienced professional experts who assist you to secure a perfect financial remedy that aids you get rid of your credit card debts pretty quickly. By availing services find the following service benefits could be guaranteed: reduction in debts up to 50% lower monthly payments credit debt counseling the debt counselors employed by these independent debt management companies negotiate with each of your creditors to get a waiver or reduction of late fees and interests. This goes a long way in reducing your overall debt and hence, lower monthly payments. Additionally, they assist you to form a monthly repayment plan depending on your financial situation. Credit debt offer could even assist you to formulate a workable monthly budget. This helps you in managing your unsecured debt consolidation and finances much better.

Generally, independent debt management companies offer customized debt management solutions that suit individual’s financial needs. Besides, they are just as safe to work with as government funded agencies but they do charge a reasonable fee for their services expertise. However, to get proper guidance and make your affordable solution, it is imperative for you to choose reputed service providers like when managing credit card debt. Get free online debt consolidation quote – become debt free now

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Central Continentale Cosmos

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Private patients, that can dispense with tariff on these extra services in the car or want to save on the post. However, there are mostly this preferential treatment, which makes private health insurance at many citizens so popular. Especially the Naturopathic enjoy increasing popularity and alternative medicine blossomed in Germany a real alternative to conventional medicine. More and more patients report of resounding successes of treatment through osteopathy, Bowtech, homeopathy, acupuncture, biofeedback, Rolfing, Feldenkreis, chiropractic and other natural remedies were previous medical treatments without success. Compared to the statutory health insurance, which in most cases no cost apply for alternative healing methods, most offer rates private health insurance, in which natural remedies in the catalogue contained up to a certain amount, even without limitation. For legally insured, which cannot go in the private health insurance, offers the possibility, to come on a private supplementary health insurance benefit from these services.

A list of large private health insurer in Germany, with an overview of the tariff is designed to simplify the tariff or contribution and performance comparison for insured leading private health insurance companies in Germany. More than 50 car companies provide is a competition for the approximately 10 million private patients in Germany. A cluttered high number of car providers, if compared to the statutory health insurance companies with hundreds of funds a small number. As in the statutory health insurance a growing concentration as a result of mergers and acquisitions is also in the PKV to determine, which should strengthen in the future. Although the PKV is the coming year of 2011 on more members in succession reduced barriers for the Exchange private health insurance should rejoice in that, leisden they see rising health costs (treatment, drug prices, etc.). In the long run only the large and economically employees health insurance companies are able to survive. Here an overview of the PKV provider without claim to completeness: DKV (German health insurance) DEVK Halle Barmenia Debeka HanseMerkur AXA ARAG insurance health insurance Alliance Insurance Signal Iduna of German ring Central Continentale Cosmos insurance Gothaer KV HUK-Coburg insurance inter insurance LVM Union health insurance Suddeutsche KV

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