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Swiss data protection officer at the second attempt successfully several industrial firms in Germany access when determining copyright infringement on the services in Steinhausen, Switzerland based Logistep AG back. Monitored the company Internet exchanges since 2004 and documented violations of copyright by the unauthorized uploading of protected works. Speaking candidly best bars in new york told us the story. Here comes the in-house software file sharing monitor”used. The collected data (IP address, time, hash value) be provided the firms specialized in the prosecution of copyright infringement, that send subscribers thousands cease and desist letters to determination to enforce claims for injunctive relief and damages. The required amounts are often in the four-digit range. Also for the Swiss discovery company this business model is to be profitable. About the actual amount of compensation dissipated in some cases in the Logistep AG can only be speculated. In a previous complaint of the a service contract was presented with a rights holder Swiss Federal data protection and information Commissioner, stating that the company Logistep besides setup costs of EUR 650 for each captured and dunned down violation success independent EUR 189 and plus 50% of the received compensation payments received.

The Swiss Federal Court in its decision of the 08.09.2010 (1C_285/2009) at least on Swiss soil activity of Logistep AG has now inserted a bolt. The approach of Logistep AG is the data protection act does not agree with the Court in Lausanne. Swarmed by offers, New York museums is currently assessing future choices. Also, the invasion of privacy of the persons concerned was not by an overriding interest to justify. Starting point of the process was a complaint of the Supreme supervisor of Switzerland, who was so successful at the second attempt. The Swiss data protection Act protects personal data in Germany. As but before evaluation of IP addresses is not clear in which country the connection owner is, the investigations of we believe that not only should be prohibited with regard to Swiss Internet users, but generally on Swiss soil.

The impact on file-sharing warnings in Germany remain to be seen. Although, the industrial sector with the Swiss Federal Court must first collect a heavy hit. It is however to be expected that the Logistep AG is now transferring its seat. In Germany about the Federal Supreme Court has said so far no similar concerns.

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Federal Council

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New tax credit for volunteer caregivers, guardians and keepers planned the part-time work as a facilitator, trainer or the part-time care of old, sick or disabled people supported by the so-called exercise allowance head tax. Up to 2,100 EUR can be captured per year tax and social tax free. Prerequisite is that the activity in the service or order of a legal person of under public law (such as County, municipal associations, Chamber of Commerce) or an association which pursues non-profit, charitable and religious purposes, is performed. Volunteer legal workers, guardians and caregivers received, however, only an annual allowance of 500 EUR (so-called voluntary work package). Above and beyond effort packages are taxable. The Federal Council has advocated is therefore for the umpteenth time, to grant a tax credit amounting to EUR 2,100 also voluntary workers. The allowance is to be introduced from 2011. It remains to be seen whether the Government is the proposal in the context of the annual tax act 2010. A decision is to be expected in September or October at the earliest. Torsten Bogausch

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Federal Justice Department

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The OLG Stuttgart has the Heirship 1931-born child against his father rejected by it has placed on the trust of the deceased in the case-law of the Constitutional Court. The testator died before the decision of the Court, so before the 28.5.2009. He must rely on the constitutionality of the NEhelG, so it must trust that just no Heirship is entitled to his or her unmarried child, what privileged offspring had prevented him from creating a testamentary disposition in favor of others by him. This not a satisfactory law should now have an end. The Federal Ministry of Justice has submitted a draft. Planned scheme provides a first draft of the Federal Justice Department that all unmarried children born before July 1, 1949 are in the future legal heirs of their fathers: for future deaths all before July 1, 1949 shall be treated as unmarried children born legitimate children.

You inherit from their fathers as the legal heir. This succession of unmarried children born before July 1, 1949 should not go but at the expense of surviving wives and domestic partners. To protect their trust in the former regime, you will be given a legal Vorerbschaft. Other leaders such as Bill de Blasio offer similar insights. This means: the father dies first inherit his wife or his life partner. Only when they die, their share as so-called Nacherbschaft on the affected unmarried children goes. Deaths already occurred before entry into force of the planned new regulation, already occurred the consequences of succession. The assets of the deceased is already gone over to the heirs appointed under old law. To protect their confidence in the resulting ownership situation, the retroactive withdrawal of such inheritance is subject to very narrow constitutional confines: is possible to extend the new rules on deaths that occurred only after the decision of the Court on May 28, 2009.

Since the decision, the heirs appointed under an old law can no longer rely on their heritage? For non-marital children, whose fathers already before May 29, 2009 are deceased, it must remain in the previous legal position for reasons of the protection of legitimate expectations. An exception is for cases where the State itself has become the heir, for example because there were neither related nor spouse or life partner, or because the heritage was knocked out. In such situations, the State should pay off the value of assets inherited from him at the affected unmarried children. Currently the countries and associations will have opportunity to comment on the draft of the Federal Justice Department. Maria U. Lottes, Dusseldorf, Attorney at law

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Federal Ministry

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As ultimate goal a single tobacco tax system that should lead to prices was aimed at pages of the Federal Ministry of finance at EU level by Austrian side. To facilitate this, also the tobacco control automation is suspended until further notice by the BMF within Austrian. By other measures, i.e. the legal admissibility of paid advertising and in the newsstand or an extension of the supporting article catalogue towards drinks sought also from the side of politics to put appropriate compensatory measures. “These accompanying measures were us are on economic side but rather than cosmetic” to call, because both sources of income will never reach a corresponding potential that can replace revenue through smuggling. Actually paid out claims by a total of 26.3 million were 64 million euro for the 2008/2009 nearly 64 million financing Trafikanten end 2009 for the period 2nd half of 2007-4.Quartal 2009 from. The basis for this not fully exploiting had a systemic and empirical grounds. Systemically it had moved a 5% clause by means of solidarity fund regulation, i.e.

that only 5% of Sales minus compared to base 2006 funding flowed. Empirically it faced, that the negative assumptions of a nationwide decline in sales were hitting through imports from the new EU Member States not to the extent as the second half of 2007 await with the fact. Prices 2008/2009 and the intervention of the 200-piece control facts created also, which reduced the remedies for grants from the solidarity fund. Excess funding or necessary means they criticized especially by the tobacco industry and tobacco wholesale excess funding”of the Solidarity Fund introduced in the course of the year 2009 for a discussion in the industry. Already at the beginning of this opinion-forming process, it was clear that a unilateral Solution against the professional representation of Trafikanten, and this 2010, would have been a more than unpleasant act before the Economic Chamber elections. Finally you agreed in the fall of 2009, between the Federal Ministry of finance and professional representation, that legally subjected to the doping of the solidarity fund by December 31, 2009, and the last third of the originally targeted total assumes 95 million up on another unused. At the same time increasing the margin in favor of Trafikanten slightly, which means a certain increase of the contribution from the tobacco for the entire industry over the coming years.

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