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Social rents should not exceed, proposed by some 30% of the family income. Banco de Sabadell States having granted social rentals on several occasions. Others propose formulas as the resale or leasing. Lack or Adicae moratorium proposed for families for several years now a period of deficiency of up to two years, with an interest on arrears assessed and not higher than the rate of the European Central Bank; When mora, also the limitation of expenditure or of the interests can be negotiated. This same Monday, Adicae requested a moratorium for all debtors in good faith with problems. Banco Santander announced a moratorium of three years capital for clients in unemployment in 2011 or who had suffered a drop in income of more than 25%.

The Ombudsman, for its part, has asked suppress rates, coasts, moderation of penal clauses, or the cessation of the accrual of interest during the process, they help to overcome difficulties to meet outstanding credit appropriations. nal information. Stoppage, measures interim the State Association of Directors and managers in social services proposes a special for people sobreendeudadas judicial protection procedure, in real bankruptcy and risk of exclusion, which would imply the suspension precautionary embargoes and executions although they had been agreed by other judicial bodies. Points out, especially to affected persons under age or legally disabled persons. The Attorney general of the Court of Justice of the EU said a few days ago, moreover, that in Spain the judge should have the possibility of suspending enforcement of an eviction until he had verified the unfairness of a contractual term of the mortgage contract. He believes that Spanish law allows before the loss of property and eviction that an action for damages for the consumer. The law in other countries in Europe there is a uniform legislation on enforced executions, so they are the Member States which have to legislate in relation to procedural modalities, as reminded the lawyer of the CJEU.

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To understand a man is to find out and what he needs. Need praise – one of the most common, and besides, it grows to meet and never satisfied. It should be constantly, fervently, convincing evidence of the man that only he alone, unique and inimitable can anything he wants, because there is king and god. And he generously repay you, if not the achievement, then affection. He wants only what you want to Women do not use sarcasm, ironic tone! Criticism succeeds only in the context of constantly growing acceptance: accept his advantage and services in advance, give him advances on minor charges of pride, praised for what he did (but, of course, will do) – and everything will be okay, he will fully meet your expectations Signs of extreme disapproval – recriminations, tears, tantrums, etc. – Can be used only in emergency Terms and formalized way to demonstrate feminine weakness. Be gentle to the man, call him diminutive 'Kitten', 'Fish', 'Sokolik', etc. And now the woman has a unique opportunity – establish the needs of their 'real' men: – "This man knows how to make money (take care of your family, your parents, your children)," – "A real man drives a good car," – "A real man loves children (parents) and takes care of them "-" This man should be "sexually giant" that is, he must have the potency of 24 hours a day (that is, figuratively speaking, and wash your shoes and brush your teeth in a state of erection) .

We will not now discuss the images of the "male heroes" who in every age is different, not always similar and bringing "common denominator" – the standard of "ideal" man. Woman "ideal" male only on a tv screen in the usual life should be quite different. Man strives to be great, tends to be, but not all do it. Those who fail, are beginning to themselves as "great" imagine, as a rule, completely from scratch. So trigger protective mechanisms of the psyche. He's trying to seem "great and mighty" or "great and terrible", instead of actually be. A dream is wonderful.

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