Steel Used

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In particular, we offer steel rivet extractor. These elements with round head used in most steel structures, where their protruding heads do not interfere rabotedetaley and design in general (Bridges, riveted girders, trusses, tanks, etc.). Rivets with a thickened head is used, where they are washed with hot gases. After several years of head burn and become a semi-circular shape, while maintaining the necessary strength. Oval head rivets are used in more critical compounds, where the protruding portion of the head is not a big obstacle in their work.

The protruding portion can be obtained only in the case if the taper of the head completely fill the hole. Rivets with flat head does not protrude above the surface of the rivet detail. In this mortgage the head can be countersunk, and closes semi-circular (and vice versa – if necessary). Rivets with a low but wide head is used in sheet metal and cooperage business for riveting thin sheets, hoops, staves. Materials for the rivets are: steel, copper, brass, aluminum and its alloys. For Steel rivets used carbon steel grades 10 kn, Art.

2, 20 kn; alloy grade 09G2; grade stainless XI8H9T uncoated or coated with zinc, cadmium, copper, silver, nickel. At the same diameter the length of rivets in certain limits, may be different. Classification of riveted joints for purposes riveted joints are divided into: strong, used in various designs, which are required mainly to strength – riveted beams and etc.; thick, used for riveting vessels, tanks, reservoirs and other structures, which are required mainly tightness, usually such vessels contain liquid under atmospheric pressure; prochnoplotnye from which requires both strength and integrity: plenum and air tanks and other vehicles running at an internal pressure above atmospheric pressure. Depending on the number of rows of rivets, seams are divided into single row Double-row, three-row and multi-row. According to the location of rivets in the ranks of the seams split into parallel and chess. By type of joint rivet detail, the stitches are divided on the lap joints and butt joints with one or two plates. On the number of shear plane rivet joints experiencing shearing force, divided into odnosreznye and dvuhsreznye. The distance between the centers of two adjacent studs, measured along the edge of the seam, called the step riveted seam and label the letter t.