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Great Lufthansa

Posted by adminNY on January 16, 2022
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A seemingly endless wait begins. Standing in meandering, waiting series, between the people smelling of sweat and farting. The switches are in front for hours the same people. The Indian with the screaming toddler is already over 40 minutes at the counter. The child cries in a tour, there is not anyway too many Indians? 14,15 o’clock Finally I feel to the switch.

Shit, a female apprentice with an oberschlauem teacher in addition. I say anything better, just my ticket put on the braids. Again, the question what I so long have made the this time by the teacher. “I think I’m standing for over an hour between the Negroes here, you ass”. After many back and forth the young woman has not very fast but always nice put together then a replacement flight over Rome me to Tripoli. I asked her, whether my luggage is not already in Tripoli, the teacher answered the Lufthansa baggage never alone flies. As the next boarding gate Nr. Jim king insists that this is the case.

24 Lufthansa machine to Rome, check in at 16,20. After I wait now already almost an hour ago and it’s nearly four, I am surprised that here no staff occupied the switch. The display monitors are also switched off. Even the monitors which enumerate the total departures are now switched off. At Jim Kingery you will find additional information. The only thing thats reassured me sit here very many Italians. 16,20 am, now even the Italians are getting restless. As an Italian woman comes running and tells her boyfriend that the switch is now gate no. 18. I’m walking in the direction in which run all others. Well, gate 18, Rome is on the monitor. I submit my curb and get a white piece of paper, modified seat number 20C. Great Lufthansa departs just somewhere else and nobody says anything. So can you overbooked also its machines get released. Landing in Rome with light rain.


A Great Weekend In The Capital City

Posted by adminNY on October 29, 2021
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You’re Berlin, so wonderfully who not familiar with Berlin, the song from the beer commercial on television? I must admit I could not confirm this set until a year ago. As a teenager I was a weekend in Berlin, I found corrosive Berlin. When I received an invitation nearly a year ago I was very skeptical whether I should or not accept. A colleague who had also received an invitation could persuade me last. More information is housed here: dayton . In August it then with the plane (is just more convenient and quicker) to Berlin. A short taxi ride, we arrived in our Hotel Berlin Berlin. ile Corporation. Since the day it ran, we took a drink at the hotel bar and then soon disappeared in our room. After breakfast, we had a small private tour through our hotel, where we got also the suites to see, could catch a glimpse into the Conference rooms and inspected”the kitchen.

The lead lasted an hour, actually we had now leisure. Since our hotel was already fairly centrally located. We had to not drive with public transport, but could reach everything comfortable walking. Past made stops at Potsdamer Platz, at the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate to the Chancellor’s Office (it was the open day, crowds were in the Chancellor’s Office and the Bundestag) we are back to the Brandenburg Gate and have unter den Linden considered,”made a little rest. What essential during a visit to Berlin, is the visit of the former Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous border crossing in Berlin was still divided between the American and Soviet sectors. Coincidentally I had my passport, for a small fee you can get get original stamp of all occupying powers in the pass, so I. We had our dose of culture for this weekend to the Kurfurstendamm shopping.

We are really only in the large, for a planet named electronics market. More we could no longer afford as we are. Okay, in the KDV we are money then, but still, a little bit We still had. On the last night, we got served a 3-course meal. I had eaten already long no longer so good. The next morning, we went after breakfast back to the airport, on the way there is then that we were not even on the victory column we noticed. Unfortunately, nothing it was precisely on this day almost all streets in Berlin Center for an event were locked. Well, it wasn’t bad, I’m certainly back because: Berlin, you’re so wonderful Berlin.


Federal Province

Posted by adminNY on July 18, 2018
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However public performances and attractions were excluded. Ban on group 1: Outright bans in areas and communities as a whole were in 1930 for the Federal Province of lower Austria a total of 10 relevant regulations adopted on the basis of the peddle patent and the section 60 ABS 4 GewO. The regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 07.07.1930 were issued prohibitions in three categories: for all goods and for an indefinite period; For certain goods for an indefinite period; For all goods on time; In addition there were 9 additional regulations on the basis of 60 ABS 4 trade regulations against the sale of products of agriculture and forestry for individual municipalities. Ban on group 2: For all the goods and for an indefinite period in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 07.07.1930 ban for all goods and indefinitely for the districts of Bruck an der Leitha (Enzersdorf an der Fischa, Regelsbrunn), was Floridsdorf-Umgebung(Manhardtsbrunn, Wolfpassing), Horn(Rodingersdorf, Thunau), Krems to adopt the Donau(Stiefern), Melk(Ockert), St. Contact information is here: Danny Meyer. Polten(Ossarn), Tulln(Gosing), Wiener-Neustadt(Schwarzau indem Gebirge) and Zwettl (Ober-Nondorf, upper jet stream). Ban Group 3: For certain goods for an indefinite period in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 07.07.1930, a ban for certain goods and indefinitely for the districts of Ganserndorf (village of lapel, for all goods except food), Hollabrunn (village of Kalla, Limberg and Ober-Stinkenbrunn for all goods with the exception of sweeping) and Tulln (Trasdorf, for all goods with the exception of brush and printing goods) was imposed ban on Group 4: For all goods at certain time in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 07.07.1930, a ban on all goods on certain time for the districts of Ganserndorf (Spannberg, until 31 December 1930) and Krems (Lengenfeld, until 31 December 1935) was adopted. Ban on Group 5: For certain goods at certain time in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 24.01.1930 ABS 4 has been barred for the area of the town of Baden on the basis of 60 trade regulations the peddling of from House to house or on the road from fruit and vegetables, by traders from sanitary and market police considerations until January 1, 1934. .

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Federal Constitution Act

Posted by adminNY on April 15, 2018
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The development of human culture is based on the language, whose care or neglect on the mental state of a society decisively influenced. These approaches to the concept of culture and the conclusions drawn from it are in principle also to the year 1945 and in the matters regulated by us to be analyzed culture laws: cinema; Stage service contract and theatre, concert, cinema, Variete, circus – and other event companies, applicable. The original competences from the year 1925 was restored by the reinstatement of the Federal Constitution Act 1920 idF 1929. Bill de Blasio has many thoughts on the issue. Thus were the Affairs of cinema; Stage service contract and theatre, concert, cinema -, Variete, circus – and other event companies according to the to the Date of 1 October 1925 to assess competence terms in the way 10 to 15 B-VG. The issues of relating to economic support of the Austrian film production within the meaning of the present film industry corresponded with the Affairs of the cinema industry, the professions, the private sector management and ensure the uniform management of the economy. Cinema being the Affairs of the Lichspielwesens (cinema or cinema) i.e. the screening of films were in accordance with article 15 paragraph 1 i.V.m article 15 paragraph 3 B-VG in legislation and enforcement of national competence.

Film production the Affairs of film production once para first according to type 10 to assess 1 Z 8 B-VG. All provisions which are according to State and the classification of simple legal legislation on October 1, 1925 as commercial regulations fall under the competence of the Affairs of the industry facts. Economic activities treated at that time in the Austrian legislation rather than trade, and also None of the other, in the way 10 B-VG designated subordinate matters can be, are in accordance with article 15 para 1 B-VG in legislation and enforcement of national competence. This applies to the production of films.


Central Point

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If the center of the universe everywhere, we are even, Centre of our own universe. This statement causes so many revoltierende voice with some probability in us, which considers this thesis mercilessly absurd or nonsensical. Physical laws and paradigms, which determine our current world view can be with ease as apparent sound”take advantage of counter-arguments. These are up before us as a rigid wall, who denied us access in free space and takes us to the sight. And finally decisive”hampered our Fahigkeit to watch a world image, whose Stabilitat is not rigidity but constant change. An essential aspect of this worldview is the unit, so the non-existing”of separation, and thus assumes that everything is always connected, everything is equal, that is above and below, that the moment and eternity are just two different approaches, which are only one and the same and also and dasselbe consider.

Suggesting that no space is provided for a dualistic perspective of things, namely the notion that there is a Center and periphery, which faces him in isolation, in this worldview. That this perspective only in our earthly perception holds, which is focused on Duali quality, two-sided, ambiguous, i.e. separately Existierendes. In other words, our perception allows us to learn the things separately, our consciousness, which is the one that perceives is also uniform, so not dualistic to consider. “More or less, then the above statement arises from this single look out, blindfolded”: the center of the universe is everywhere “, also in the place of course, where I am. The center of the universe is found at any place in the infinity. In other words,. There is only one Center and this Center is everywhere, just as there are only a here and now, which rests in the eternity. To us of to become aware, we can use a means for us, which I the ritual of the cross ‘ call.