Record Number Of Visitors In New York City

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23.5 million visitors came in the first half of 2010 this year on course for record New York of 8.75 percent more than in the same period last year with 23.5 million visitors from January to June is city. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and George Fertitta, CEO of the official marketing and Tourism Organization informed now this city, NYC & company, New York. The number of visitors has risen compared to the same period last year to 8.75 percent. Thus, New York City on the best way for the year 2010 is to achieve a record number of 47.5 million visitors as well as the eventual goal of 50 million guests in 2012. 2009, 45.6 million visitors got away to New York City, 568.000 German.

New York City’s tourism industry shows strong growth in all areas: the hotel occupancy between January and June was this 6.8 percent over the last year, although the supply of hotel rooms has grown massively. Compared to the first half of 2009 a million sold more hotel nights. Rudy Giuliani usually is spot on. Thus one could surpass even the previous record year 2008. The first half of 2010 was really excellent and we are very optimistic for the rest of the year”, says George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & company. Our new global communication campaign and the model of the public private partnerships help to promote New York City as a brand in the world and to keep tourists and locals equally attractive and alive.” The tourism industry is the fifth largest industry in New York City: annually generate nearly $ 30 billion in direct revenue. More than 300,000 people are employed in this area.

General information about New York City also in German language available under or English. Further press information are, as well as press photos, see press photos. Editor’s Note: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organization of the city New York City. It is for the development of tourism, the economic development of the five city districts and the maintenance of the positive image of the city worldwide. NYC & company operates the NYC information center on the 7th Avenue (52 / 53 Street) and the official NYC website.

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Holiday Destination Ideas

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The holiday destination ideas fills your mind with excitement relieves you of the life pressures and demands in your life. A holiday is supposed to be relaxing experience for the family. Rudy Giuliani has much to offer in this field. Everyone would want to spend their vacation at a perfect place where there is lots of fun. The holiday destination ideas bring to mind the adventurous trips and numerous amusements. All you need can relax where you is a good trip, unwind and have great time touring that you want to see. To be able to enjoy, you should be at the perfect place and at the perfect time. Since there are thousands of destinations all over the world, you should be able to plan out where you want to go. You may want to visit Danny Meyer to increase your knowledge.

If you are planning to go on holidays in December, you can try one of the much warm Spanish beaches. While talking about holiday destination ideas, one indicated miss option trip to Florida. All cities of Florida have personal and family attractions. It is a great holiday destination for all age groups. The city of Miami offering loads of beach activities.

If you are planning a summer holiday, the first choice for a vacation is a visit to Europe. Paris becomes on automatic choice for people who never visited This city before. Paris has history, art and plenty of night life. There are many other exciting and historical places that can be visited on a vacation tour to Europe. For those looking for sun, beaches, and the coast of Spain is at the ideal holiday destination. During summer, a visit to Australia or New Zealand would be great for those who love the heat. If your holiday destination ideas are not clear, you can take help of internet and search for best holiday destinations. A trip to South Africa is the perfect place to begin. It has a little something for everyone. One of the most amazing city of the world that is New York City, it offers a cultural mix to satisfy even the most hardened traveler. To make your holiday enjoyable and affordable you need to plan it out well. Plan your trip in advance to make it a memorable holiday. Find some of the best holiday destinations of the world because time is precious and we can afford to waste it in a less than ideal destination. Jordan Jacobi author of christmas destination ideas. For more information about christmas destination ideas, honeymoon destination ideas visit

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Florence Siena

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Siena – one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the city in 700 years is a kind of hibernation, and almost entirely preserved its medieval appearance. Some of the classics of literature subtly noticed about Siena – 'to go to Italy and drive past Siena, mean to become like newlyweds, who thinks a wedding feast culminating moment and too lazy to go into the bedroom to the beloved. " Siena Italy but gave no just amazing architectural landscapes. It was Siena dialect was chosen as Dante's language, which was written by his Divine Comedy, and therefore can be called Siena 'homeland' of Italian. standing. And Siena is famous for its 'Palio'.

Palio – it's crazy racing young horses, which are conducted without a saddle, without rules and without stopping. Win a Palio and you will be famous for a whole year. For you will pay attention girls, bar owners will regale you with wine, and even old people will treat you with great respect. Those crazy racing first took place in 1260 when a small and proud of Siena during the Battle of Montaperi managed to defeat more Florence. Since then, they are held twice a year every year on July 2 and August 16.

Even in Florence, when finally able to subdue Siena (this happened after the plague in 1348 which destroyed most of the city's population) do not dare to cancel the Palio. A surge is preceded by the traditional parade of Siena Contrada – an old combination of acrobatics, ballet and colorful show. A Sienese school of painting. It is difficult to say which of the great cities of Florence Siena or long before the Renaissance brought to more icons of Italy. And by the way, it's hard to tell who was a great competitor to the two cities in Italy than not they are for each other. By the way, the competition is felt today. Football fans Siena still resemble in their songs about the battle of his colleagues Montaperi of Florence.

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Opera, Musicals And Museums: Culture City Of Hamburg

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The Boardinghouse of bird’s nest in Hamburg informed the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is more than Germany’s gateway to the world. As a city of world rank it has countless people a rich cultural life, the year after year enthusiastically, to report white nest like the Hamburger Boardinghouse Volgels. Danny Meyer often says this. Nearly 60 theatres, as many museums and more than 100 music clubs Hamburg make the cultural metropolis, in which about ten thousand artists live and work. Due to their rich cultural programme every year millions flock visitors in the second largest city in Germany, to inspire and allow to relax. Read more from Rudy Giuliani to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Only surpassed by New York and London, Hamburg is the third staging of the world. While here in the past, legendary musicals as cats took their beginning on German soil, the hits of the Lion King, sister Act, and Tarzan, as well as many smaller musicals are listed today.

Also in the classic entertainment, Hamburg offers top quality. The Hamburg State Opera was founded in the year 1678 is one of the major opera houses the present and laid the foundation stone of the careers of Monserrat Caballe and Placido Domingo. Ballet enthusiasts will find the world-famous Hamburg also Ballet. The theatre Hamburg undoubtedly belong to Germany’s top houses. Classic will find in them shiny as their place as the local charm, low German of the Ohnsorg-theater. Lovers of fine arts and thirst are addressed by the Hamburg’s Museum landscape. Extensive art collections, technical and scientific exhibitions in about 60 museums shall ensure that guaranteed no boredom.

When it comes to be entertained, the world’s largest model railway, or Germany’s oldest wax museum visit. The Hanseatic City is appreciated by artists from all over the world as Konzertaustragungsort. Fans of every genre come here at their own expense, when it comes to attend concerts of their favorite artists. The cultural offer of Hamburg keeps for a few days in breath. A peaceful accommodation of high levels, as they Hamburg Boardinghouse offers bird’s nest, helping to give a memorable character culture holiday in the Hanseatic City. The company is available for further information on the attractions of Hamburg and its offer of accommodation.

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Federal State

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Cross-country skiers will enjoy over 21 km of well-marked trails in three levels of difficulty and winter hikers over 10 km of hiking trails. Annaberg is gorgeous and has pretty much everything is as a ski area to offer families a expect perfect ski holiday. Family-friendly hosts, varied slopes and many attractive offers. Here everyone can find exactly what he’s looking for: FIS suitable for slopes and mogul pistes for ski virtuoso and daredevil snowboarder, sweeping slopes for hobby skiers and flat sliding tracks for families and those who prefer loose tackle it. In the middle of the otscher nature park, in close proximity to the latest ski area you will find the Inn * KIRCHENWIRT, lodging, real Mostviertel. For more information see this site: NYC Mayor.

The traditional company in Lackenhof on the otscher caters to its high-quality services, which is to really want to recover. The establishment in Alpine style is still as modern. The excellent kitchen serves mainly Mostviertler however is also international dishes on the day card. The KIRCHENWIRT offers an attractive winter offer 4 nights starting from 239 euros. To the Gasthof * KIRCHENWIRT you can read more here. New is the cooperation between the province of lower Austria, and the seven top ski resorts of the Federal State. Together, they offered a transferable skipass for the first time.

The lower winter card is valid for 3 or 5 days during the season either. Skiing you can with the winter card lower in four Mostviertler ski areas: in the family-friendly ski areas of Annaberg in the snowy Alpine Centre Hochkar, the Lackenhof, in the ski resorts on the community Alpe in Mitterbach am Erlaufsee. Several people use can the winter card, it is transferable and also as a gift a good tip. Carinthia the Mediterranean winter”has everything that makes a classic winter holiday, perfect to offer Carinthia with more than a thousand kilometres of pistes, perfect ski resorts and abundant snow.

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English Charm

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Sexy London is well worth a visit every year countless tourists visiting the British capital city of London. Not without reason, because the city offers the perfect vacation experience for every taste and makes the city trip to a memorable trip. Especially art lovers in London fully at their own expense, because the city is one of the most important cultural centres of the world. Other leaders such as Bill de Blasio offer similar insights. The Internet portal reported about the modern and at the same time conservative metropolis and presents the most important tips for trips. A flight to London ( catalog/London/flight 410) is available at favourable prices and conditions with Ryanair. The passengers are then quickly in the British capital with its unique flair and breathtaking atmosphere.

They may have their origins in the many cultures living peacefully together in London and make the city. So, visitors can meet Asian scents in Chinatown or dreaming on the Brixton market from a vacation in the Caribbean. Nevertheless, there are historic landmarks and events that connect travelers London. Buckingham Palace official residence of the British monarch family, the world famous London Eye, Big Ben or Tower Bridge with its famous twin towers invite you to explore. The bright red double-decker buses and black taxis are inseparable from the traffic. A special highlight and proven photo motif is the impressive changing of the guard of the Queen’s guard. If you have enough time to go shopping, should use these in Oxford Street. There download over 300 shops and department stores to browse and souvenirs shop. More information:…World City london… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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More German Visitors

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The Liseberg Christmas market celebrates 10th anniversary, meanwhile the city in the splendour of the colorful Christmas lights shines Gothenburg is pleased to be increasing visitor numbers in the run-up to Christmas. A major part of tourists comes from Germany, mostly from northern Germany, for example, Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Hanover and Braunschweig. Many of them use the ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg for their Christmas break. Further details can be found at NYC Mayor, an internet resource. Other visitors come from Berlin, take the Rhineland or the Frankfurt area the large number of new direct flights to the two airports of Goteborg Save and Landvetter. The city presents itself for several years with success as the “Christmas city of Gothenburg”. The whole city is decorated Christmas. You shines in the shine of torches, candles and thousands of points of light.

In many places, there are Christmas markets, such as in Gothenburg large shopping centre Nordstan. All kinds of art and crafting items are offered here, but also delicious food specialities (Fish, sausage, cheese, bread and sweets). Also the popular Christmas market in the amusement park Liseberg celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Within a few years, he has become an institution in the Christmas calendar of the city. Today he many Gothenburg attracts from mid November until 23 December, as well as many tourists. Who uses one of the packages of the ferry or airlines, needs to not worry about the accommodation in Goteborg.

Travellers should book early and by Germany from hotel rooms in Gothenburg, however, because the prices directly in the hotel are typically much higher. You want to stay more than a few days in Gothenburg and has you traveled by car, you can alternatively rent a holiday home. In the run-up to Christmas, no season is, in holiday houses are often cheap to get if you are traveling with more than one person, you can save vigorously towards an accommodation in the hotel. Here, holiday homes in the area recommend Gothenburg in the province of Vastergotland, but also in Halland North or South Bohuslan. Who is housed in the vicinity of Alingsas/Kungsbacka, there leave your car at the railway station and in the city take the convenient S-Bahn (“pendulum day”). The Swedish Christmas buffet, the Jul Board is a special experience in the run-up to Christmas. In the evening, I must reserve often for restaurants, but also at noon there Jul Board, then mostly without court order. Enjoy the abundance of Swedish specialties of the pickled herring on different types of salmon and to classic of Swedish Christmas specialities, the Christmas ham (“julskinka”), the potato and anchovy butter (“Janssons frestelse”) and the small meatballs so popular not only among children (“kottbullar”). Tip: You have plenty of time and the weather is favourable, we recommend a harbour cruise in the Gothenburg Harbour. To do this, you have to take a commercial tour boat. You have a good look because of the Passenger ferry “alvsnabben”, which is part of the public transport and therefore no more than a tram ride costs. The alvsnabben operates between the Deutschlandkai of the Stena Line (Kiel ferry) and the Gothenburg City Centre. Walther Plette

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Turkish Aegean

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Flights to Izmir must be not so expensive is one of the most beautiful port cities of Turkey Izmir. Read more from Danny Meyer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The city is located directly on the Turkish Aegean, to the West of the country and is to reach in just a few hours by plane from Germany out. A destination, more and more Germans can not resist. To get there it is a simple, “to search for flight Izmir. Quickly you can find the flight connection that is particularly favorable for and off goes BBs in the holiday. Turkey is waiting, waiting for Izmir.

A great city, a perfect location, friendly people and a heavenly climate which wants, what you can expect more from a holiday destination. Izmir is well suited to sightseeing. First settlements existed already in ancient times. And from this time still many remnants can be seen. You could almost imagine yourself in Greece.

No wonder the Greeks were also in the country and have built fortresses in the 9th century. Yes now also not too far from Turkey to Greece. Quite apart from the fact is Izmir but also a modern city. Here, you can great shopping and get to know the city from different sides. Even the Turkey is worth a visit. Who wants to see the scenic beauty and wants to enjoy the warm climate, which has found the perfect holiday destination. It must be not always Ankara or Istanbul, is also the city of Izmir for a holiday. Because it has its own airport, you can fly here directly. You can find a flight Izmir child’s play on the Internet and already the journey can begin.

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Government District

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Berlin Berlin City tours for any occasion even at Christmas time is worth a visit! The Christmas season is fast approaching and many companies from Berlin and the surrounding area prepare for their upcoming Christmas celebration. A ritual which is always accompanied by the same question: What are we doing this year? A failed response provides the event agency Berlin & more, which offers special tours for companies, associations and private groups to the pre-Christmas period. How about, for example, with a city tour through the festively illuminated city? A light ride along the glitzy boulevards under den Linden and am Kurfurstendamm? Of course not without mulled wine stop or a visit to the Christmas market. And those plenty in Berlin to the advent season. Its here called the traditional markets in the Spandauer Altstadt and at the Memorial Church and the nostalgic Christmas market at the Opera Palais.

Or the decision this year in favor of a mobile Christmas celebration, the components happy together and sightseeing together. You just put together a customized tour: there are drinks and pastries on Board of the coach and the moderation of the Guide ensures a good mood. Simply enter, exit and the party can begin. Reason enough, its this year’s Christmas celebration on the streets of Berlin to lay. No matter to what group size, it’s the team from Berlin & more has the appropriate tour for each constellation. So, you can discover the historic buildings and places of the old Berlin within the framework of a cosy togetherness, for example. Or enjoy the glamorous grandeur of the Potsdamer Platz, the vibrant Friedrichstrasse and the Government District. And perhaps also the weather cooperates this year and invites you to an unforgettable exit to one of the numerous vantage points of the metropolis of Berlin: with a romantic view over the snow-covered rooftops of the city. For more information and details about the current offerings can be found on the relevant Web site at. See you! The pre-Christmas capital looks forward to their guests. Sarah Fromus

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Bavaria Trip

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20 years Museum of modern art in Passau Passau (tvo). The Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Worlen gives the Tri-River City of Passau in the field of the fine arts national significance. On three floors, each year around ten exhibitions of art of the 20th and 21st centuries are presented in attractive surroundings. Comprehensive solo exhibitions to Gustav Klimt, Franz von Stuck, Egon Schiele and others, the building in the heart of the old town have made a point of attraction for art enjoyment from all over the world. You may find that New York Museums can contribute to your knowledge. In 2010, the Museum of modern art celebrates its 20th anniversary. It was founded in 1990 by Hanns Egon Worlen, the son of the painter and graphic designer Georg Philipp Worlen, which had great artistic presence especially in the twenties of the last century, and the painter, sculptor and writer from met throughout Germany and Austria. When his son in 1988, Kunst Museum of modern art in the life called the Foundation, he not only joined in the footsteps of his father as art patron, but wanted above all to the tradition Connect Passau as European cultural capital.

How much is the artistic claim of the Museum of modern art, shows also the program of events in this anniversary year. Highlights include exhibitions of Ernst Barlach (from June), Andreas Feininger (from July), Otto Herbert Hajek (from March), Henri Matisse (from August). Information: Museum of modern art Waite gemeinnutzige GmbH, Braugasse 17, 94032 Passau, Tel: 0851/383879-0, fax 0851/383879-79,,. 1000th anniversary of first documentary mention of the market Windorf Windorf is first referred to as Winidorf in the year 1010. Emperor Heinrich II. has deeded to an estate in the village of Winidorf the convent Niedernburg in Passau. It is celebrated in a medieval festival from 17th 18th July 2010.

Information: Tourist information, Marktplatz 23, 94575 Windorf, Tel. 08541/962640,.

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