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This four building very close apart, aren t not even close to the river, appropriate for the making of water source electric air conditioning system. The summer time of 2004 and also the product is built City Hall and Grand Theatre cooling. This short article describes the preliminary studies and pilot test results and analysis system. 2 System description Surface water source electric into closed and open forms. Closed system warmth exchanger coil placed towards the bottom of the lake or river bottom, with the coil inside the circulating medium and nhl jerseys for warmth exchange cheap water. Heating in the winter months, generally using antifreeze like a circulation medium. This technique generally small capacity.

On ve loop system, from the foot of Lake or river bottom from the pump, in to the plate warmth exchanger with circulating medium warmth within the southern area of greater temperature of water in the winter months, water cherry2012616 may also be sent following the electric directamente, warmth exchanger following a certain distance from the location water discharge point. Open system compared to closed system of high warmth transfer efficiency, low energy production, appropriate for bigger systems, the machine is open loop system. From the system structure proven in Figure 1. Central room inside a public square within the basement, with the making of the length to not 280 m. Lake average depth of two.7m, water permeated 3.5, 2.5 m underneath the surface intake of water point at work, from the engine room around 100 m, lake water pumps and water treatment plant are situated within the engine room, multiple screw-type electric models in parallel. To avoid water temperatures are low, the evaporator might be frozen, the export pumps within the lake have aided heater, the steam from the nearby hotel warmth. When the temperature of water is below 7, water heating needs within the auxiliary heater to 7 after which in to the evaporator. Available water from the water shouldn’t be directly with the unit, must first be refined t.

Utilization of chemical treatment dosage will pollute the river. The machine uses the physical method of the river. To begin with, in to the cyclone desander water to get rid of water contaminants then integrated water processor, use among the high-frequency high current electric area and also the complex filter system for treatment and purification filters biocides. On water quality pre and post treatment were examined (see Table 1), sediment concentration and turbidity changes of those two most critical indications after treatment can satisfy the unit needs. Table 1 Comparison water quality pre and post

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