The Americans

Posted by adminNY on January 27, 2015

Today, this number arrives 60% almost. The investment in education relieved a revolution in the standard of living of the Irishans. They today are richer of what its neighbors, the British, dealt who them with disdain. the forecast is that in two years they surpass the income to per catches of the Americans. Coreia of the south In years 50, the country was destroyed by a civil war that divided Korea to the way, left a million of dead and most of the population in the misery. One in each 3 native of Koreas were illiterate. – Today, eight in each ten arrive at the university, that is, 82% of the young are in the college and the country if it became one of the exporting greaters of technology of the world. Good pupils have scholarships and the government stimulates strategical research.

superior education is gratuitous. ' ' The secret is the family, with engaged parents the pupils are motivated and the professors entusiasmados' ' , a teacher speaks. ' ' The education is come back toward economia' ' (Managing of the Ministry of the Education and Human resources). the majority of the professors has mestrado. the karaoke is alone one of the educative resources.

In the classroom it has everything that is necessary to educate with motivation. the professors need to have superior course and are brought up to date evaluated to each two years. If the pupil does not learn, the professor is disapproved. Wage of professor: equivalent the 6 a thousand dollar for month. With financial support and professionals of answer sheet, Korea in few years left of being an exporter of fabrics and shoes to become a great global producer of automobiles, eletroeletrnicos and equipment of high technology. To the end of each level the pupil passes for an examination. Today, 90% of the exportations of the country are proceeding from the companies who had arrived there attracted by the high degree of instruction of the population. In Brazil, only 18% of the young arrive at the facultieses. Source: : National periodical 10 the 13/10/2005 Another excellent point to detach is that today, in pasesque had reached a bigger social development and had reduced the inaqualities has an operating civil society, that is critical to the harms politics and considers alternatives for its governments. Front the conjuncture of problems in a global scale, the ONU, Organization of the Nations Joined, in plus one of its initiatives of international cooperation in search fomenting the development sustainable, in year 2000, it considered ' ' 8 Goals of the Milnio' '. The agreement was approved by 191 countries members, in New York, in the biggest meeting of world-wide controllers of all the times. Had been gifts Heads of State and of Government, also of Brazil, that if had compromised to fulfill the eight objectives, that follow below, up to 2015: v To finish with the hunger and misery v basic Education and of quality for all v Equality between sexos and valuation of woman v To reduce infantile mortality v To improve the health of gestantes v To fight the AIDS, the malaria and other illnesses v Quality of life and respect to environment v Everybody working for the development


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