The Organization

Posted by adminNY on November 04, 2016

This means that the bank your income t.e.20 000 multiplied by a factor and you get the amount you take into consideration. In our case it is 16,000 rubles. Income from the business. If you are the founder of a firm or a member of the founders, to determine your income in the bank will need to provide balance sheets, profit and loss statement, tax returns, bank statement with current accounts, other management documentation from which it can be concluded what speed the firm and what the real net profit. You say, who is in our country working in "white"? After all, most balances tend to zero.

Yes maybe so, but the bank needs to understand the real situation in Your company. According to generally not believed. Of course, the specialist bank may visit you in the organization, see the volumes of production, the number of concluded contracts and the amounts that they are, check out the remains of the warehouse, other indirect methods to determine the approximate turnover and profitability of the firm, but these banks are not very many. Therefore it is better to rely on documents. You can also analyze your business with the appraisal company accredited at the bank, but that is quite a lengthy and expensive. And again, not every bank makes such a confirmation. If you're on an imputed tax system, in which case the situation is even complicated. Indeed, such a system owner points in the declaration only a certain amount with which to calculate taxes.


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