The Peripcia

Posted by adminNY on February 11, 2019

In a series of tense scenes, overwhelming and ominous, the inquiry of dipo if transforms into an obsessive reconstruction of its proper one and unknown past, when it starts to suspect that the man who killed in the crossroads was Laio. Finally dipo discovers that, when baby, is abandoned to die for its parents Laio and Jocasta, therefore these feared a prophecy that affirmed that its son would kill the father. It can perceive that this drama possesss the myth that is the set of the actions, as they are developed in all part. The character of the personage is of a strong, impatient, arrogant temperament, beyond being intelligent for having discovered the enigma to save the city of Esfinge. It is a typical tragic hero, not being perverse, but also to be very good. If it was not so intelligent thus, it would not discover and consequently he would not marry its mother. He can yourself be perceived in this drama that the life of dipo is moved by the destination. It tried to run away from Corinto thinking that its foster fathers were the true ones to prevent tragedy, however it does not obtain to run away to its proper destination.

The attitudes carried through for dipo, in the thought of it, were most correct and it was happy and carried through. However when it appears all the outcome of the part, happening the recognition, that is, when it discovers that who is the assassin of Laio is proper it, passing of a situation of not knowledge or happiness for the knowledge/misfortune. In it, the peripcia happens when the messenger arrives e, in contrast to freeing dipo of its fidget, he makes with that it if despairs still more. The catastrophe is when suicidal Jocasta if for the fact to have discovered the truth and desperate Laio, unhappy for what it committed if blind.


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