The Sea

Posted by adminNY on February 22, 2017

This heating of waters provokes forts rains in some places and droughts in others as it affirms Mendona: Affecting the climatic dynamics in global scale, the occurrence of the phenomenon generates brusque climatic alterations in the world, with impacts generalized on the activities human beings, generated for innumerable on catastrophes the severe droughts, floodings and cyclones (MENDONA, 2007, P. 192). After the ticket of the El nio verifies the appearance of an inverse phenomenon, called woollen nia, that it is a cold phase. Giving to continuity the climatic changes, the decrease of the ozone concentration is perceived in the Stratosphere, what it will increase the solar radiation and it will favor the rise of the temperatures, that consequently will raise the convection and the evaporation, because it will modify the atmospheric circulation, increasing rains and mainly the storms, this in some places, while others will provoke droughts. Of this form, ' ' hot chains you stimulate the evaporation and the condensation, produce climates rainy, to the step that the colds they stabilize air, being responsible for the sprouting of deserto' ' (CONTI; FURLAN, In: ROSS, 2001, P.

96). Another consequence of the increase of the temperature will be the melting of the marine ice and continental glaciers, what it will contribute for the rise of the level of the oceans. It is also known that the increase of the temperature of the water of the sea favors the formation of the tropical cyclones, as hurricanes and tufes, therefore the measure that the ocean heats it becomes it propitious to the formation of these cyclones. With this, the speed of the winds increases, while the pressure lowers, causing increase of the level of the sea, with gigantic waves. This tropical riot requires superior temperature 26,6 C and the 320 strong winds being able to arrive km/h and having as main power plant the heat and the humidity of the oceans.


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