Theoretical Referencial

Posted by adminNY on September 07, 2017

Its bigger concern, however, is to investigate the regional scene to define which is the forces that they interact in set with the crisis and as they react and transform economic the sectors local. 1.3Objetivos 1.3.1 General Objectives the present article have the objective to demonstrate to a economic status for all the world-wide and regional structures, on the facts and forces that guide the routes of the current financial crisis that if spreads through the globe. Showing to all these scenes and the sectors compose that them, why pressures pass and what they make to react ahead of the new situations that appear as the crisis advance. The article creates thus an excellent contextualizao of different and diverse economic pictures to supply a rich source of information. Creating then as consequence, a base for the opinion formation and orientation for other studies.

1.3.2 Specific objectives to supply to all the tools and bases the reading and the agreement of the facts and forces that this study composes, search to supply to some concepts and parameters necessary to supply the necessities of the reader in its desire to visualize the current one economic crisis. The article then tries to create an environment of easy reading and to supply the data more illustrated possible. 2. Theoretical Referencial 2.1. What it is crisis? According to dictionary MICHAELIS, ' ' A serious, decisive moment. A Situation of a government that if confrots with serious difficulties to remain itself in poder' '. When everybody is said in crisis is apreensivo.

The world is in polvorosa, companies is declaring insolvent and in ways to declare insolvent, the dollar goes up and goes down, the stock markets however in high however falling down disastrously from a high place. Much people, who speculate and play in the stock exchange, are losing money. The reporters do not stop of speaking in the economic indices, the economists with its teaching theories that are not valid a pierced tosto, and the politicians with its lies to calm the markets.


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