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Here you can drink famous Novgorod mead. Just do not get carried away from a drink of ancient Novgorod, you can quickly get drunk, but we have ahead-of-town trip. By bus, taxi or your own car can be go to Yuryevo and visit another shrine Novgorod – Yurievsky monastery. According to tradition it was founded in 1030 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who in holy baptism was named George. In Russian, it sounds like Yuri, hence the name of the monastery. In 1119 the monastery by order of Prince Mstislav was laid out a beautiful Russian churches – St. George Cathedral. According to the Chronicle, it built the first known architects of Russian descent – one Peter.

The cathedral was the burial place of famous Russian dukes, and the center of the prince’s chronicles. Hence the impressive size of the building, conceding only temple Sofia, and the wealth of interior decoration. The monastery is the current – in the windless day ringing his bell clearly heard from the embankment of Novgorod. About a kilometer and a half of Tartu monastery is situated the Novgorod museum of wooden architecture or Vitoslavlice “(named after the village of the xii century.) where assembled a collection of religious, commercial and residential buildings, typical of the Novgorod region. In some you can freely enter and see the household items of medieval peasants. In “Vitoslavlice” Novgorod celebrate Shrovetide, and a number of national holidays. This also often visit the newlyweds.

The bride and groom are the main ancient Russian wedding rituals, giving thus a tribute to the folk traditions. If you get bored to be on the sidelines and want to create something popular with his own hands, go back to Novgorod, and visit the House of Folk Art in the street Bredova an animal. His teachers will tell you about the history of Russian folk costumes and crafts of Novgorod, acquaint with the products of craftsmen, and furthermore, as you take part in master classes on weaving birch bark, creating dolls twist or making people’s beads. In Novgorod there Another place where definitely should visit every lover of antiquity. Among the houses of the old part of town, on Ilyina street, there is a small church, known, meanwhile, almost every art critic in the world. Savior Transfiguration – one of the most remarkable monuments of the xiv century, famous for its unique frescoes. Created by a great artist of the – Theophanes the Greek, the images surprising performance skill, which is expressed in an unusual combination of courage and unerring accuracy .Novgorod and its environs extraordinarily beautiful from the water, so be sure to plan for an evening walk on the boat.


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