Trigger Points

Posted by adminNY on April 21, 2019

Trigger points are produced because of irritation in the nervous system that may be due to varied things that can go from an effort, to lift something heavy, to maintain a position forced over time, as being too long at the computer, among other reasons.The muscles are arranged in the form of parallel strips of muscle tissue that work together in the moment in which a muscle contraction occurs. On those occasions in which has strained bands and trigger points, it happens that the muscle loses elasticity and may even cause great pain.A very common example of these trigger points, is the tension that many people have on their shoulders. It’s latent trigger points that are in the trapezius muscle. When the person puts pressure on this muscle, you can perceive knots that will be very sensitive when you press them. In a situation in which, for example, too much weight is loaded, the trigger point can go from latent to be active, it is then that is You will begin to perceive a sharp pain. The more use the muscle or pressing the trigger point, will feel more pain, on the other hand the situation improves after a rest or stretch the muscle.When a person feels pain, what you should do is find the trigger points that are within bands they are tense. For what you need to press the muscle looking for that area which presents contractures.

A physical therapist will do this treatment in an ideal way.Once found the trigger point, the next step to relieve pain is press it with your finger or something like a ball. This pressure is going to exercise for a space of thirty seconds in which you will feel pain and can at the same time go feeling how muscle will be ceding gradually over several times, until you feel that reduces pain. At the end each of those instances, it is important to stretch and applying heat to the worked muscle.

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