Underage Cadet Corps

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An outstanding artist, famous for his depiction of military battles, Vasily Vereshchagin was born October 14, 1842 in the landowner's family in the city of Cherepovets. At the age of eight he entered the Underage Cadet Corps, who graduated in 1853 transferred to the St. Petersburg Naval Cadet Corps. At this time, and begins his fascination with painting. In 1858, young Vereshchagin began taking lessons at the School of Drawing Society for the Encouragement of Arts. Teachers say his undoubted talent for painting. The young man is very fond of art and drawing in 1860, after successfully completed test, decides to break with military career and enter the Academy Art against the wishes of his father, who as a punishment depriving his son of support.

Vereshchagin hard to study painting, but he was closely in the framework of academic law. By creating a picture of the 'Massacre of the suitors of Penelope returning Ulysses', he destroys it. In 1863 he left the Academy and left for the Caucasus to learn artistry in nature and open space. Here he draws a lot of scenes from the life of the peoples of the Caucasus. In 1866, Vereshchagin lives in the village on the banks of the river Lyubets Sheksna.

He struck hard-boatmen and makes a few sketches for paintings that failed to finish. In 1867 Vasily went to Turkestan, where in the Russian garrison participated in combat operations against the Emir of Bukhara, shows there bravery and courage, for which he receives the George Cross. The original purpose of his trip was to gain military experience. In the years 1869-1870 Vereshchagin again dropping in Turkestan, now already that would be better to study the manners and customs of the inhabitants of the East, thus creating a series of paintings of Central Asia. In his works, but bright colors and sunny notok clearly discernible poverty and powerlessness of the people.

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