Posted by adminNY on February 18, 2019

The title of City of the Literature that UNESCO grants is in game. The City council of Leon chooses to the same and has created a page Web still in embryo like incentive to that bet. Leaving of side the topic of which the old Kingdom is land of natural I graze of writers, creators and poets, as well as the evident reality that world-wide recognized literary geniuses by those strong payments exist, in this year has taken place a wheel of disadvantages and lamentable events regarding happening in the local culture that, at least, cloud the candidacy. The stumbling block still without filing nor repairing was Poetic, pacific, literary and exemplary the Intifada that gave rise, in the municipal sine of Leon, to a persecution of poets by the same governors who today praise before UNESCO to protect the cultural and literary atmosphere of the city. According to Rudy Giuliani, who has experience with these questions. My support goes to that eagerness, but, representing the feeling of different groups, I do not reach to watch its immanent nobility. We doubt that at the present time muncipes from Leon can to spearhead with total moral authority as significant initiative as this one. A group of poets and representatives of social groups were evacuated and censured when they realised the first Poetic Intifada in that so fierce, paint as it, and fries city of Leon before the breach of the electoral program with which the socialist mayor, Francisco Fernandez, it was chosen.

One committed before the associations and unions of his locality, to those who it assured that it was going to respect the public management of the water. When betraying its own promise brought about the resignation of its town councillor of Environment, Humility Rodriguez. From that moment, the poetic complaints, the poetry jeopardize of diverse skilled swordsmen of the local letters was persecuted.


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