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Posted by adminNY on July 07, 2014

In this perspective, the Ministry of the Education/Secretariat of Special Education presents the National Politics of Special Education in the Perspective of the Inclusive Education, that folloies the advances of the knowledge and the social fights, aiming at to constitute promotional public politics of an education of quality for all the pupils. The Special Education in Brazil has been seen as a challenge for the new generation of professionals of the education, as well as for the professionals who already act in the area, that they intend to become the somewhat effective inclusion and with good resulted. Although this, in the current educational context, predominates the information lack on the main difficulties of the pupils with necessities educational special, the absence of pedagogical support appropriate to receive them adequately, beyond the precarious adaptation of the physical space. The beginning of ' ' incluso' ' found in diverse Brazilian institutions of education still it is considered deficit, diffuse and many times incoherent with the proposal adequate. According to last available official data of the pertaining to school census, promoted for the Ministry of the Education, exist millions of children and young in pertaining to school age with some type of deficiency.

Good part of them does not have specialized attendance, being registered in regular schools or worse, they do not study. The Brazilian Special Education only reaches small parcel of the deficient ones, almost the half of them through particular schools and excessively they are federal, state and municipal. The present work has as objective to make a reflection and bibliographical survey on the process of implantation of the Inclusive Education in Brazil, in what it says respect to the pupils with educational necessities special, as well as analyzing the paper of the Special Education in the scope of this politics. DEVELOPMENT: DESCRIPTION OF THE DEFICIENCY AND THE SPECIAL EDUCATION: For better understanding of the historical facts some studious of the Special Education in the Europe and United States they identify and they divide them in 4 phases/periods/periods of training.


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