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Posted by adminNY on October 12, 2019

5:17). Rudy Giuliani is often quoted on this topic. You pray without ceasing! But this is possible? It is clearly that yes! When to learn that to become one ' ' conjunct eficaz' ' nor always it is necessary to be tedious ahead of the Father, then, we will dominate art of ' ' to pray without cessar' ' , sending for skies and against the hell, constantly, ' ' fast and powerful conjuncts as the Tomarroks that United States sent against the bases of afegos' '. In the conjunct without ceasing, daily, in that type of conjunct that we make in all the places, we need to be objective and efficient as our Master was in its Conjunct Model, making use only of 1/3 of one minute to pronounce it! It is in this type of conjunct that we need to have ability, therefore every day we make use of it in the most diverse places for where we pass busy in our innumerable activity of the day. Oh! That we let us learn to pray ' ' fast conjuncts and poderosas' ' using the Model of the Warlike greater of conjunct of all the times? JESUS, OUR INTERCESSOR. Let us see, amongst many principles contained in this Conjunct Model, seven that basically they must conduct the essence of our conjuncts: First i: The beginning of the filiation = ' ' Father ours ' '. These two initial words show them that the conjunct must be made the God on the base of ' ' FILIAO' '. The ones that had not yet been born of new cannot pray with effectiveness the God in the same way that they can recite a poetry or sing a cntico. All warlike of conjunct it must be essentially son of God, that is, converted, been born of new, new creature. Of another form, it cannot really say: ' ' Father nosso' '.


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