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Posted by adminNY on June 06, 2018

Since it has already been mentioned previously, the success of a political party and the most viable form of than persist, is by means of the acceptance of the society, if a political party defrauds that acceptance, people will change of political party by which it offers to him what wishes. NYC Marathon: the source for more info. The political parties were created with the purpose of to offer to the society a stable government who guards by the interests of the same and that looks for the resolution of all the national conflicts, always taking into account desires from the society. Unfortunately the competitiveness between the political parties has caused that the government is only a conflict of personal interest, thus the political party that wishes to subsist in the future and that it wishes to be the one that governs, must retake the principles fundamental and to begin to realise his proposals on the basis of the needs of the society. When political parties began to exist, the society voted by that one leader who inspired respect, an educated person, with knowledge, or he looked for at least that he had an education that will show that it knew to govern. But to last dates the society has given a change within its way to evaluate its governors, since now they look for a representative with who they are identified or whereupon it represents the minority. Two examples would be Vicente Fox and Barack Obama, Fox was the first president who represented the town, since she was an originating person of a farm, that demonstrated affection with the society.

Whereas Obama represents the minority population of the United States, it represents that the Americans are prepared to leave of a side racism and to accept a color president. It is by that started off as the BREAD and the PRD have obtained much greater popularity than the PRI, although in the last elections the PRD had major forces dice to that Obrador has represented the popularity, with their socialist tendencies has managed to captivate the attention of the poor zones of Mexico. It is why a political party must as much prepare its governors in knowledge as in its image to manage to obtain major popularity and acceptance. We can conclude that most important for than a political party he is able to assure its future, is to look for the acceptance of the society, since after all this is the one who is going to vote by them and is the one who will offer the power them. Thus a political party must take care of the relations that form with the society to be able to stay stable, of course, that to obtain this acceptance it must evaluate the needs of the country and to find the key points that the society is looking for in the governors, with the purpose of to provide to them what they want, although this not only must be applied during electoral campaigns, but all along. Original author and source of the article.


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