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Some say, to marry the best in the autumn – in the most Urozhaine season. Some prefer a wedding in the spring, when the air is filled with penetrating flavors of the awakening to life. There is quite a lot of opinions on this matter. Not surprisingly, among the wedding guests are always afoot debate on this topic. Click NY Starbucks for additional related pages. To once and for all put an end to this dispute, we invite guests to the island. Its own island in the ocean. Inhabited island of the four seasons, where the seasons are changing at the request of the guests of the island.

Thus, once on the island, the newlyweds and their guests will be able one day to celebrate the wedding in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Guests fall into the great room or a small park, around which hung a backdrop with views of the ocean. Backdrop visually divided into 4 parts, each dedicated to one of the seasons: for example, the autumn ocean worried sky overcast and rain, winter, see the icebergs and child snow, etc. In each of the parts with the help of special effects recreated the appropriate time of year. During the day guests are free to move on to the seasons, and in every part for them prepared table and games, appropriate to each season.

The island is remarkable in that it at any time of year you can find something for everyone, and in addition to the official part, event guests will have the opportunity to explore the island. In the center of the island is a rise flagpole, which at the beginning of ceremony, solemnly raised the flag of a new family. Here is the gun, which will be during the day collect visitors from the island to the official part of the event. The event ends with common wires of the sun with gratitude for the fact that it gave the young guests and such a beautiful day. Source: 'Carnival-style' – agency on the organization of parties: the organization of weddings, corporate events, organization of fireworks

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