With TiSUN Sail

Posted by adminNY on June 05, 2018

Soll, Austria / Yorkshire, England, in December 2009 the Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club integrated 24 m2 TiSUN large area collectors FI on the roof of their warehouse in northwest of London. The roof is South-facing, so that the solar system can absorb heat from the Sun throughout the day. The two collectors with 12 m2 supply the 4,000-litre solar tank, which propagates the heat to the ten showers and underfloor heating. During the summer months, the solar system needs the water to 100%, in the transitional period in the spring and fall supporting the electric heater with 50% solar coverage. In his opening speech emphasized the Chairman of the sailing club, Johnathan Leister, how much he welcomed the cost-efficient and environmentally-conscious installation of TiSUN collectors and solar storage, Geoff Miller, TiSUN Sales Director for England and Wales, was very knowledgeable and helpful in the implementation of the project”. TiSUN large surface collector FI with wood frame is designed for recessed installation.

Once the Collectors on the roof were raised, could you properly services from Halifax of the tilers Ploughcroft building be screwed. The repair of the solar system conducted the solar utilities companies from Rotter ham. Picturesquely on the banks of the Grimwith reserve, nestled in the hills of the Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club of the best in the country is National Park”. The clubhouse exudes a traditional charm and was built specifically for the needs of the sailing club, thanks to the solar thermal plant of TiSUN with a great post on renewable energy.


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