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Posted by adminNY on September 04, 2019

The great wall of China in the middle of Berlin, the great pyramids of Giza on the spree? Additionally the Knut is lummelnde before the Brandenburg Gate modeled everything from frozen water. “Certainly it is presents different what is currently on the ice and snow sculpture Festival Alexa: on ice Berlin ice sculptures Exposition” by visitors marvel at monuments from all over the world can be. The dimensions are enormous: 50 professional artists from countries such as Canada, the United States, Russia, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands created the frosty artworks from 250 tons of ice and 250 tons of snow in a special Thermohalle to the Alexanderplatz square in the run-up to the Festival. As an indispensable helper always in use: The multi function oil WD-40. Before this fascinating Winter Wonderland could open their doors to visitors, the international ice artists (Carver”) had to invest a lot of sweat and skill. About two weeks before the opening of the huge ice blocks rolled (approximately 2 metres long, 1 m wide and 70 cm tall) in refrigerated trucks. Every single block weighing up to two tons. The Giants were made previously in 4 to 6 weeks at a temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, the ice was transparent and glashell.

After the arrival of the ice was stacked then diligently”. The huge blocks are piled in stacked with help of forklifts, to reach so the height needed for the sculptures. In connecting various equipment such as chain saws, putty knife, iron and Bunsen burner were used, to elicit the 30 atmospheric scenarios the ice and snow. An absolute challenge for man and machine. The temperature in the Hall is constant at 8 degrees below zero. Not for nothing, whatever the all purpose tool is located in the luggage of the experienced Carver”WD-40. The Dutch artist Susanne Ruseler, who already shaped ice sculptures in cities such as Madrid, Bruges and Eindhoven, Hamburg, Oberhausen, swears by the means of: Before and after the use we take advantage of WD-40 for our chain saws.” “Her British colleague Richard buckle complements this survive the devices to the load through the ice and best, the chains run the cold smooth.” The chainsaw would already sprayed before storage over the summer. The enthusiasm of the two pros does not come by about.

Best practice for more than 50 years WD-40 as a liquid tool is”in industry and technology, factories and workshops, households and hobby shops in 160 countries. The all-round care is penetrating oil, lubricants, contact spray, Protectant and parts cleaner in one. It was created during a series of experiments at the for NASA a water displacement is being searched, which reliably should protect against corrosion. The appropriate water displacement was the 40th attempt”found and the name of WD-40. Here the circle closes. Because what is good for the space, can be bad for icy wonders of the world. Who themselves themselves make a picture of the ice and snow sculptures in Berlin would like to, can do this until April 6, 2008. The Thermohalle is located right next to the shopping and leisure center Alexa and is open daily from 10 am to 22 pm. For more information see. WD-40 is available for the hobbyists in the stores. Various application examples around household, garden and hobby, see.


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