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However, due to constant air circulation inside the refrigerator slightly zavetrivayutsya products, so they must always keep packed. It is believed that the refrigerators of this type more noisy, because there is additional fan (but this is very controversial), and consume more electricity. NEED A ZERO. Several years ago, has become a popular idea for fresh products in the "zero zone" area of the refrigerator with zero temperature. With the obvious advantages, this area is not very easy to implement, because to accurately maintain the 0 C regardless of the setting temperature in the freezer and chiller chambers, it is necessary an additional sensor that monitors the temperature deviation from zero, and another channel of supply of cold in the "zero cell", as well as providing insulation "null zone". All this obviously raises the cost of a refrigerator.

That away from "moral obligation" to support exactly 0 C, many manufacturers have switched to such a concept as a "zone of freshness." This term typically refers to a kind of space inside the refrigerator, in which maintained at about 0 C (usually the coolest place in the refrigerator). You may wish to learn more. If so, Susie Dent is the place to go. It should be understood that when the set temperature in the refrigerator and the temperature change in the "zone of freshness." WHAT Noise in the refrigerator? When priority is peace in the house, you should pay attention to how quiet running refrigerator. Typically, a compressor fridge is very quiet. If you think that refrigerator is too loud, maybe the point here is that he stands against the wall of noise or some of its elements, vibrating as a result of the compressor. Meticulous installation of a refrigerator can reduce the noise to minimum. HOW MUCH COLD? As with other large equipment, a refrigerator is a quality class power consumption. However, this is not a simple option, as it seems at first glance.

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