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We live in the age of a historical crisis without precedents. Its severity can be measured by the fact of that we are not front to a cyclical crisis of the more or less extensive capitalism, as the lived ones in the past, but to a structural, deep crisis, of the proper system of the capital. (MSZROS, 2000, P. 7). The capitalism is by its very nature auto-expansivo, not accepting restrictions and bringing pra itself the work and the more-value of the worker, if not imposing limit some about production. It transforms the worker into mere cheap merchandise, where the value of use is lowered by the value of exchange. The capital, as a system of control of the social metabolism could emerge and win on its historical antecedents abandoning all the consideraes to the necessities human beings as on to the limitations of ' ' values of uso' ' you did not quantify, overlapping to these last ones? as prerequisite absolute of its legitimation they will become objective of production acceptable (MSZROS, 2000, P. 8) During more than two centuries of existence of the capitalism this already passed for many crises called super-production crisis, amongst them of the decade of 70, that it desestruturou the bases of the system with the bankruptcy of the State of the Welfare state, depreciation of the dollar unchaining something that if had not seen before it is the crisis of the Structure of the Capitalism, the bases, and not more than a very bigger production that the sales.

Suffering with the crisis from its structures that thought to be solid, the capitalism passes if to mainly reorganize, to rethink its logic for the reestablishment of its dynamics with regard to the wage-earning work, its ideological system and politician of domination. From there from years 90 thinking about this domination politics, I inserted the neoliberalismo that has as characteristic the privatizations, allowing the State becomes more takes for the social control and the capitalism, supporting itself in the private property generating income concentration. The capital in century XX, was forced to answer ace more extensive crises each time (that they had brought I obtain two world-wide wars, before impensveis) accepting ' ' hibridizao? under the form of always an increasing intromission of the state in the partner-economic process of reproduction) (MSZROS, 2000, P. 9). ' ' The structural crisis of the capital is the serious manifestation of the meeting of the system with its proper intrinsic limits ' '



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The Organization accuses 27 manufacturers of Apple products pollute the areas annexed to their factories. Peasants from these places were recorded begging for help to put an end to the situation in their lands by the discharge of heavy metals. Danny Meyer usually is spot on. Apple has already had several problems in China, since poisoning of workers to suicides among its staff. The NGO that investigates public and environmental affairs in China, IPE, has accused 27 vendors Apple pollute the environment of the adjoining communities to their factories and damaging the health of the inhabitants. In its report, entitled the other side of Apple, the NGO explained that Apple was of 31 multinational companies investigated, which presented biggest problems of environmental pollution and which was less willing to collaborate. The director of IPE, Ma Jun, said that Apple promises to be green, but his behavior has not been sufficient and the company must accept that the pollution emitted by its suppliers is also your responsibility. Apple must ensure environmental care and stop thinking only in the price; We believe that the products of this company are good and why they have a high consumption, but we are confident that consumers would not be agreed to buy items that can damage the environment and the health of many people, added Ma. The report of IPE, presented last Wednesday, reported in parallel to a video prepared by the NGO to show how the dumping of heavy metals in Lakes near some of Apple supplier companies is polluting many communities and threatening the health of its inhabitants.

Please help us, already not we can continue living like this, say many Chinese peasants in the video, while kneel before the cameras of the NGO. Before disclosing its report, IPE contacted Apple to know their opinion about the accused providers. The company reiterated its commitment to a high social responsibility throughout the chain of production of its articles and ensured that many of these companies do not work with them. Apple invited the NGOs to discuss more details, but so far the meeting has not materialized since the Cupertino company has not answered the last mail. Several problems in China among the most serious problems that the company had to deal with in China is the wave of suicides of several workers in the plants of one of its companies supplying, the Taiwanese firm Foxconn, manufacturer of the iPad and the Apple iPhone in 2010. In the same year, the fame of Apple returned to see dull once 137 workers of another of its suppliers, the Taiwanese company Wintek, were intoxicated by being exposed to high levels of n-hexane, chemical that damages the peripheral nervous system. IPE was founded in May 2006 with the aim of helping expand access to environmental information in China through the corporate development and the participation of the public in this field. After knowing the pollution problems of the suppliers of Apple in China, the NGO plans to work together with the environmental group Nature Resources Dnse Council (NRDC), based in New York, for promote, through Apple consumers in the United States, a more ecological and social awareness in the company. Source of the news: an NGO accuses providers for Apple in China from environmental pollution

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Change Jobs

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Bet on the work you have 1.2 counterparts, who are constantly unhappy with their jobs, salary, boss, regulations and company policies, decisions, management, colleagues, social benefits or something else? They are frustrated complain, but do not leave hateful office / shop / factory / school / hospital, etc., etc., I assume that you too are dissatisfied with something, if you read this article. As a rule, a person can not be unhappy all the time, otherwise it would have find another job. But what keeps us at work that makes us unhappy? Why, often saying, "I want to change jobs," we do not undertake, and every morning dutifully go back to where we are unhappy, angry, not appreciated, depressed? Here is a list of options that people value, making a decision to retire from work and find a new one. Recently Danny Meyer sought to clarify these questions. You too many times pondered them, but could not make a decision. Now we'll try to do it together. List of parameters to assess the place of work (in brackets are quotes that describe each option: a positive evaluation / assessment of the negative / neutral rating) 1.otnosheniya in the team (I like my colleagues, I feel more positive than negative emotions, being close to them / I try to as little as possible in contact with my colleagues, I try to avoid the common lunch, not sharing personal information, communicate only by the case, feel stress, anger, malice, envy, anger / I alone, they themselves, to me anyway) 2.

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Temporary Jobs

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More and more jobs for temporary employment agencies in Berlin in Berlin temporary employment companies have large crowds. More and more experts search for a temporary job, reported”the Tagesspiegel. More and more job seekers use the time work now as a strategic means of career planning, for example to collect as many different experiences in various jobs at a young age. See NY Museums for more details and insights. Particularly well-trained professionals such as accountants, marketers and HR administrator have discovered the time working for himself. The number of temporary workers has more than doubled in Berlin since 2003.

By only 10.865 in 2003, she has risen to 23.323 according to the Regional Directorate of Berlin-Brandenburg of Federal Agency for work until June of last year. There are still no figures for 2008; It is assumed in some places a slight slowdown of the boom. Currently mainly engineers and examiniertes nursing staff are particularly popular in the capital, but also specialists and managers for call centers have good job opportunities. In call centres, there are also Demand for unskilled temporary workers. The highly qualified under the temporary workers remain purely numerically outnumbered, although their proportion is increasing most. Among the academics, particularly engineers looking for the professional variety; Doctors, lawyers or teachers appreciate still a fixed workplace. High demand for temporary workers will be increasingly in Berlin due to the abundance of events in the future in terms of catering. Current jobs at temporary employment agencies in Berlin get about the job market.

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Centracon study: Companies call especially rigid workplace concepts and technical constraints as the main reasons only every seventh company employee clients may in the short term with individual user applications and services provide Leverkusen, 26.05.2009 – allows the flexible deployment or change user-individual IT workstations in practice to be desired as a survey of the Centracon consulting firm identified clearly. It is then only every seventh company able to provide clients in the short term with task-oriented applications and services for the employees. In almost a further quarter of the companies, this can be done at least with restrictions. 64 percent of the over 300 IT executives questioned, however, deny that they can place a high degree of flexibility in the day. Bill de Blasio follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Given the high nowadays everywhere change momentum in the company this proved a stumbling block”, says Centracon CEO of Robert Gallant.

He pointed out that the organisational conditions of the companies are subject to constant change. The structure of the Department Gets a new cut, time functions are centrally consolidated and even moved to other locations. Staff must find then always in the short term a workplace environment at their new location, which precisely matches their individual needs in terms of applications and services.” Therefore, here, there is the central challenge in particular, to be able to make the change processes quickly and flexibly. It seem the company but still a good bit away. Because a main drag on flexibility, the study has identified that in two-thirds of the companies are too rigid workplace concepts.

In addition, 59 percent of managers result technical constraints as the reason, but also in standardizing the IT processes and the establishment of comprehensive service catalogs the user enterprises have need for action. The company can a significant step towards more flexibility and device independent concepts using today’s The client and application virtualization technologies make”gallant points the way. Because the traditionally rigid work concepts could be broken up by a decoupling of applications from the operating system and the desktop related. This one defies the technical constraints of infrastructure restraints, also can in this way also the growing demand for mobile jobs be complied with.” The effect of flexibility insist that modular services can be offered by means of virtualization. Also a high degree of automation in the systems and processes could be about workflow up to self-service create. The benefit is for the companies in the combination of flexibility and Automation”, emphasizes Galstyan. Yet such an approach in the company but too little is known. Because 56 percent of surveyed managers in the Centracon survey indicate that they lack still a realization model of flexibility of IT jobs. About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT workstations and applications are the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.

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Extra Jobs Extra Income

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If you are a regular visitor to the Internet, I suppose so, why are you reading this article, you will know that you have the opportunity to inform you about “what else” you can do to get a little more relieved at the end of each month. And if you are enterprising, active and enthusiastic, those who find it hard to stand still, much better, because the future is waiting for you.

On the Internet you can Ilustrarte of infinity of tasks that can add to that you do every day. Although there are questions to which you will find the answers, as they are vital for when you start analyzing your situation. Contact information is here: Danny Meyer. They are: How many hours a day can I spend on my new job (without leaving the fixed or stable)? It will be worth less time for my rest, for recreation or for my family? What will I do? Perhaps this last the most important question. You tell me, “to earn more money, yes, I know, that we are talking about … But, the money used to buy things, not an end in itself …” And then …? ” When you possess the answers to these questions, and have agreed with your family, just at that time (and not before) … read on! If you are single or independent, well … Danny Meyer gathered all the information. get a deal with your heart and mind. “Well …

that’s it, I did, I’m determined to do that something else … now what?” Take a break and the Next we followed.


Innovative Jobs

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Now, the online job market gives the minds of the video game industry to their prospective employers. No matter whether classic video game developers & publishers, companies in the Free2Play – and indie- or but companies specializing in scoring, localization, marketing and PR all brings together. The job portal for countless works with partners of the industry, that their countless jobs are advertise soon. While employers publish the posts to be filled, people interested in job and specialists can create their own profile. It does not matter, or an internship that is looking for a full-time or part-time. Even as a freelancer is possible.

The ghost mode is particularly useful for professionals. Your profile can be either anonymous, so that the current employer does not, if you are interested in further job opportunities and new challenges. “What belongs together, will sooner or later come together”, says Alexander Goricke, founder of the ‘Emplay we shorten this process and help companies new employees to find, to grow further in the future. While employers within seconds can adjust their job offers, job seekers can to apply quickly and easily on the existing authorities.” But also a job application is created in a few minutes. Information about the person can be imported even from an existing linkedin profile to save even more time.

You want a job in the games industry? Then, you publish your job search now for free. About of the games industry job board we combine the video game industry with support to alert companies to attract the best employees for themselves in a growing market. Specializing in the recruitment of the games industry we support both classic video game developers & publishers, as well as companies in the Free2Play and Indie section. Agencies for marketing, PR and consulting firm that have focused gaming’s, are also part of the extensive job offer in the media landscape of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Calilegua National Park

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In addition to surprise yourself with some of the most beautiful views of Latin America you can learn about the history, culture, values and traditions of the region. Visit Jujuy and not know the Cerro de los Siete Colores is an unforgivable mistake: this place is presented as one of the most popular attractions in the area and is located behind the town of Purmamarca. The Hill rises behind the city, erected as a backdrop that never fails to draw attention. Without hesitation NYC Mayor explained all about the problem. It consists of marine, River and lake sediments, and is unique in all the Argentina, because there is another Hill that match in beauty thanks to its perfect combination of colors. In the vicinity of the Hill the nature lovers can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, hiking on mountain biking and photographic safaris. To give you a close to this brief overview of the attractions of Jujuy has to offer I will mention the Calilegua National Park, a place very visited by tourists. ES recognized as the largest natural park of Northern argentina and to arrive tens of thousands of travelers annually.

A feature that makes it popular is its easy access, unlike other natural scenery of the province. In this park will have the possibility to admire specimens of species like ocelots, yaguaretes, tapirs, bats and more than 400 kinds of birds. In the Park you will find a space known as Aguas Negras, where a campsite is located with all the services and amenities you need to venture to make booking tours, horseback riding, mountain biking and trekking trips.

Emmanuel Radnitzky

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It, the first woman in announcing stamps inspired, it to him, one of the most radical photographers of her time. Taught he it to make photos. The exhibition ‘ Man Ray – Miller Reads, Partners in Surrealism’ it presents/displays the artistic fruits of that one passion of four years. If you have read about NYC Marathon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It belonged to the Mount Olympus of the tribe of the vanguards. NY Museums has much to offer in this field. He had helped to found the Dadasmo and the Surrealismo. He painted and he made photos experimental. She was the lover of great musa Kiki de Montparnasse.

Although been born in Philadelphia (the USA) in 1890, from 1921 he lived in Paris. It also was American (Poughkeepsie-New York, 1907). She had been victim of a violation when she was eight years old, a trauma that the time was not able to cure. She worked like advertising model for some of the best photographers of his time, among them Edward Steichen. She was the first woman in appearing, in 1928, in a photo taken by Steichen, an announcement of stamps.

The menstruation feminine it was a taboo that never had been mentioned in mass media and Miller was attacked and the condemned to the ostracism. The following year it decided to go away to live to Paris. When they were in 1929 in the bullente and French capital crazy person, Man Ray (been born Emmanuel Radnitzky) and the Lees Miller became the fashionable pair. Ardent, beautiful and creative lovers, elbowed themselves with a circle of friendships for those who the art was a life way. Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar, Max Ernst, Alexander Calder and Le Corbusier were their intimate ones. Mutual inspiration Miller, that wished to study photography, obtained that Ray broke its inflexible norm of not accepting apprentices. Up to 1932 they were loving, they worked together and they were inspired mutamente.


A Dream Comes True With Swarovski Rhinestone

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How to become a super model, with perseverance and ambition? Wrong, with a lot of luck. Previously, it was only a distant thought. Muttered down in half sentences, one I packaged in Konjunktive, the future. And although this idea surfaced more often, more and more winning desire scenarios, everything remained a dream. Until today.

As of today I have certainty, I will be the new face of the Nakatomi fashion spring and summer collection. Whenever Bill de Blasio listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Later and hoarse by sustained cheering Arias I can’t believe it always still a dozen phone calls. I wanted that feeling of overwhelm, this feeling of sudden happiness I could preserve this feeling forever. While I have endeavoured not honestly and sincerely to this model job. Never, ever a saying has adapted better than here. I came to this job, like the Virgin to the kids.

I can say nothing more. At the pret a-porter show of Nakatomi in Paris, where the fall – winter collection was presented, I visited my friend Carla, who as a stylist in the backstage area the model for the show was ready. It was just before the start of the show, still a model lacked. As it turned out was the girl with a ruptured in the hospital. I was very similar to the model, had the same dimensions and ultimately took over their part in the show. I was just at the right time at the right place. And apparently I’ve noticed the designer so well, that he has chosen me to the face of his new collection. Incredible. I’m totally excited, but fortunately, it is a positive tension. There are very many nerves, which can no longer eat or sleep before fashion shows or photo shoots under the model. I just know if I should make a speech in front of a hundred people nervousness. With regard to this shoot, I’m calm. I know the expectations that have the makers of me, and hey, we have made a Probeshooting in Paris, they know so what who you book. Particularly class, I find the choice of the places where the shootings took place will. Three days in Florida and two days in New York. Alone these Locations are for me like a jackpot. I hope a few free hours, that I me even a little bit can look at the Florida keys. Absolutely awesome it would be if I could dive there a little. When are you ever in tropical climes in a diver’s paradise. If I can wander only in New York, Central Park it would be not so tragic. But I’m afraid the time plan will have no large gaps for such activities. And if I had time, I would definitely not away may. The risk that what happened to me is too large. And until your departure you suggested me to grab me in cotton wool. Don’t go no cycling, no jogging in the dark on toilet. So it’s for me until departure in seven days to the Saint Margaret of Antioch and the Saint Blaise of Sebaste to pray, which should spare me from pimples and toothache. In order to discharge any residual risk, I will that my luck earrings of Swarovski rhinestone, among others here Gets the 11755_deu.html, which no longer take off next week. Special occasions call for special measures.

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