Adolfo Kunsch Found

Posted by adminNY on June 03, 2021

It was hidden in a very high percentage of texts and documents analyzed. Official site: Bank of New York Mellon. To be recurrent, but always appointed or starting to happen, of course, as with guilt or wanting to avoid naming it, we discussed it with friends specialists for months. With others for years. And in all cases came to the same conclusion: the acting forces or participants were more than was originally believed. And in some particular cases, disclosures that we found, were far more important than seen and not written to date. The presence of Jewish minhag Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish and French up was overwhelming. Wendy’s may not feel the same.

Too noticeable to continue hidden for a longer time. To this they added interviews, stories, guided tours, coffee chats, calls, exchange of e-mails with researchers and historians among which I emphasize to Eduardo Bueno and Fabricio Prado of Brazil, Natalio Botana, Omar Antonio Dalmasso and Marcos Aguines of Argentina, Fernando Assuncao, Juan Antonio Varese, Adolfo Kunsch, Rolf Nussbaun and Diego Blixen of Uruguay, stressing to my great friends, tireless contributors Omar Gonzalez Frau, Jorge Fernandez, Ruben Collado, three Argentines, Colonia del Sacramento without forgetting me of many other impossible lovers of name that directly or indirectly guided me in the search. Once located that key, fully understood that it was not the only one that was missing; they were several. As many as points of view from where notice to Colonia del Sacramento. And I was not discouraged. Quite the opposite; It gave me much more strength and joy.

Perhaps (more than insurance), many people will continue seeking and researching clues in this universe of libraries, archives and private collections. Why at that time (1680) they decided to found the city? In 1668, Portugal abandons Spanish custody after nearly 70 years under Dominion of Felipe II, III and IV. I found an important clue by reading and analyzing Mario Javier Saban, Los Marranos and the economy of the Rio de la Plata in the year 1993.

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