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In practice, I experience very often much waste of money, and the landing pages because the selection of keywords is not true”(landing pages) not on the needs the visitors are aligned. Quickly, several hundred or thousand euros are fried without having to detect is a success. Furthermore, this form of advertising is not particularly sustainable: If you turn off the display after a few weeks or months, the visitors are gone. The organic search engine optimization or creating reputation have the nose forward. By the way: You can invest so much in AdWords, this has no direct influence on the search results! Some think you could bribe Google”, but the two systems run entirely separately from one another. Klaus Wenderoth: Increasing the number of Web pages. Online advertising is expensive. Increasing competitive pressure. Hudson River Maritime Museums opinions are not widely known.

What should companies do today, to win new customers in five years in the Internet? “Thomas Kilian: still the chances are there are many companies curl up”. In some industries, it is enough to be at all. Is what competitive areas (finance, insurance, travel, fashion, etc.), intelligent, must exceptional and also sympathetic concepts here. From my own experience I know that also the continuity is the decisive factor. Most give up again after a few months, because they want to believe or not to invest the capacities not on the success. But what use is the improvement of space 87 17th on Google? Count only the first places! What good you are 50 blog article which is (still) no one reads? What effect have 23 XING contacts? At the end also to get to the train, it takes a long breath. Klaus Wenderoth: suppose a company consigned you to an annual budget of EUR 30,000. How would you use this amount in the order that of your meaning? Thomas Kilian: As already described, is a comprehensive analysis and individual design at the beginning of such a project.

This can be done only in close cooperation with the company and will be evaluated together. Then follows generally the creation or optimization of online channels (website, online store, blog, XING profile, Facebook-Seite etc. pp.) as well as the monthly care and accompaniment based on the selected strategy. I would like to not perform a sequence and weighting certain tools for reasons above. The regular evaluation of the results finally is important but almost everything is measurable in the Internet. We pay attention to budgets for colorful pictures”fried, but to use as target for more contacts, requests and orders. This and other interviews in the Expertenblog “People, media, opinions.

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